Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Singaporean Straits Times Allow Malaysian Ministers to Justify Racist Remarks and Actions

This is my comment in Malaysia Today's article extracted from The Straits Times. The title of the article is "Khairy: Malays need to make up for lost time"

The Straits Times is a Singaporean paper.

On 5th March 2007, The Straits Times gave a good chance to let Hishamuddin Hussein, the Keris Man to explain that his Keris wielding intentions were good.


This is my comment regarding the article above (The Keris Man Can: Promise of an Upcoming Show):


Now, on 16th April 2007, Singapore allowed Khairy Jamaluddin to explain that his Exhortations are "not bad".



It is weird that Singapore, who has a Senior Minister (Lee Kuan Yew) addressed a letter to the Malaysian PM claiming that the Malaysian government is marginalising the Chinese would choose to let those who treat Chinese as bogeyman to explain themselves as good men in a Singaporean paper.


In fact, some remarks from Khairy sounds marginalising. For example, take the 70% equity threat.

Isn't that weird? How come?

Does anyone know who controls "The Straits Times" in Singapore? Who is the Major Shareholder?

Do they have any relation? The Trinity? The Major Shareholder of "Straits Times", Straits Times Editorial Board and finally the Malaysian Government.

Who is in charge in Malaysia now?

You go and figure out.

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