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Statsman Insults: Hitler Holds No Prisoners, No One Is Spared

Ohh dear, Ladies and gentlemen. I am perplexed as to read what this Mr STATSMAN from Topix forum has to say about other races.

Here it is:

The visitors VENCINGETORIX, LES, LUF, RAF, RUSSIAN GIRL, QWERT, PHAN BOI CHAU, JENNA, YITZCHAKERA, "I THINK", STANLEY TAM, TOTEONE, IDIOT ONE among the many were downright angry with STATSMAN. One may ask why? Let's see what he said and perhaps that way, we can understand their anger.


RACIST REMARK 1 - Calling other races bastards
Statsman wrote:
..... Indians and the Chinese ) are BASTARDS..for your information !

My comment:
Another RACIST remark.... Statsman say Indians (his wife is Indian) and Chinese are Bastards. Respect thy wife.

I repeat "Indians and Chinese" ARE NOT bastards.


RACIST REMARK 2 - Using offensive ethnic slurs
Statsman wrote:
Page 10:
Statsman said:"Les, when the Japs beat the crap outa you guys and killed millions of chinese peassants like dogs in Nanking ........"

My comment:
Saying "Japs"= derogatory statement, racism.


RACIST REMARK 3 - Smearing the Japanese
Statsman wrote:
Page 11:
Statsman wrote:"See the Japs. they take this Samurai/ honor thing to extremes and even prefer to commit suicide ( sepukku/hara-kiri is it ?) than lose an argument."

My comment:
Generalisation based on race. Smearing another race by playing words, fabricating truth. Japanese do not kill over arguments. Racism.


RACIST REMARK 4 - Stereotyping the appearance of certain races
Statsman wrote:

My comment:
Downright racism with this labelling. Even a French-Canadian visitor did not like this.


RACIST REMARK 5 - Stepping on the Chinese
Statsman wrote:
But we feel sorry for those poor 3rd world Chinese and give them a little business here and there. They too must earn a living right ?
Are you crazy ? I'd never use Chinese condoms. Look at their miserable population !!! Over a one billion due to condom failure is what I hear...hehe

My comment:
Look at how Statsman waste it on another race.


RACIST REMARK 7 - 3 shots in one paragraph
Statsman wrote:
hehe ..angry are we ? Just ask the Japs these same questions my pal! Aren't the Japs Mongoloids like you too ? and didnt you slave for the Japs with your comfort women . DO the Japs want to be identified with those "dog eating scum savages " they called you. It is family squabbles my friend ..just family squabbles..
Dont get so angry..Just let the FACTS speak for themselves..

My comment:


1) Using the term "Jap". A racist ethnic slur.

2) Saying Chinese slave for the Japanese. Racism.

3) Identifying Japanese as "dog eating scum savages ". Racist statement.

Oohh, that's racist.


RACIST/BIGOT REMARK 8 - Caste system-ised European races
Statsman wrote:
You know the pecking order among us and ours, I presume.
Germanic tribes ( Germans Brits Dutch etc )
Romanic tribes ( French Italy Spain etc )
Slavic tribes ( Poland Russia etc )

Some people do like flat surfaces !!

My comment:
Establishing pecking order status among European 'tribes"

Saying Russia is below other 'tribes'.


RACIST REMARK 9 - Calling Bollywood superstars, monkeys
Statsman wrote:
You could watch some Bollywood monkeys for cheaper Luf...
Nice to see that you have recovered and regained your former joyful self !!

My comment:
Hey, be polite towards Indians.


RACIST REMARK 10 - Treating Chinese adoption babies as animals
Statsman wrote:
My dear...some people adopt dogs and cats too..who knows what motivates them ?

Jenna's comment:
First of all, let me say that beyond a doubt you are the filthiest pig in the world to compare the adoption of a Chinese infant with the purchase of a pet. ...
Fourth, stop calling the Japanese "Japs". It's very insulting and rude. Not even the Chinese who have had family who suffered under the Japanese use that term.

You really are the definition of a dirty old man.


RACIST REMARK 11 (Statsman reply to "I Think") - Insulting Malaysians

Statsman wrote:
Arent you a little Malaysian midget ?...So why are you cheering for China ? haha
I always knew that you were a big moron !!

My comment:
Labeling Malaysians as midgets.

Statsman wrote:
Well... Malays , the majority race in Malaysia, are not exactly known for their height ..

My comment:
Please do not insult the Malays, Statsman.You have done enough damage to other races already
From wiktionary:
"The term midget to refer to a person of small stature is considered OFFENSIVE"

That is why I told you not to INSULT the Malaysians in a racist way.

TRUTH IS BITTER, Statsman. This again shows that you are a racist.

Let me repaste what you wrote for the forum readers to view:


RACIST REMARK 12 - Insulting Tamil Indians
Sagaladoola wrote:
Ohhh... previously you mentioned Malays are Caucasians, now you say they are Mongoloids? Hmmn, weird..

Statsman wrote:
No No No..I never did.. I said that some Malay guy said Malays are better looking than other Mongoloids because they have acquired some good genes from high caste Aryan North Indians..

Only Cauucasians in your backward Malaysia are the Indian Tamils !!

My comment:
Ohh, you mean the Malay guys got married with Punjabis (Aryan North Indians)?

That shows again your poor sense of Biology. We have Tamils, Punjabis (Aryan), Malayalees, some Telugus, Gujaratis (Aryan) among others.

Now you are insulting the Tamils. Ohh, that is bad. Tamils are Dravidians not Aryans.

Mail order ph.D. Proven to be true.

By the way, what is "Cauucasians"? This word is not in English as well.


RACIST/BIGOT REMARK 13 - Discriminating poor Indians
qwert wrote:
Hi Luf,
Before I knew Apu is Statsman, I really thought it is not proper to post these kinds of pictures for Apu until I read Statsman's last post. But anyway, I still feel sorry for the poor people in the pictures. I am sure their HOPE can only be to wait for next life cycle (is there another life cycle for the same person?) now that they have country-mates like Statsman. Statsman, please keep on being arrogant. Yeah, you have the most rich person in the world and the most beatiful girl in the world, that is enough.

My comment:
Hi qwert, thank you for the comments.

This is the 13th racist/bigot post from him. If you read page 64 to 67 you may be able to see his previous 12 RACIST REMARKS (labelled RACIST REMARK ).

We do hope that India will grow into a great economy one day. We do hope that India will have more middle class and everyone there can have better lives and purchasing power.

After all, Indians are human and we do pray for the best of all races.

For that to happen, racists like Statsman who discriminates other races (he is an Aryan although there are Dravidians in India) and the poor have to go. We have to speak against racism.

Besides that, he said he is a "Nobleman Brahmin". It is strange how can one be considered "Noble" if he has no pity for the poor in India.

Look at what he has written, he is calling these people losers:
Statsman wrote:
SAME for the 2 INDIA s. There's the poor, ugly losers in the slums , and the RICH and BEAUTIFUL MEN and WOMEN of BOLLYWOOD and elsewhere..


RACIST REMARK 14 - Saying Chinese look 'sick'
Statsman wrote:
Oh don't worry about the POOR in India because even they FEEL SORRY for the Orientals ( including the Chinese ) because they think all Orientals LOOK "SICK" and that they were BORN "SICK"

My comment:
That's not what Indians said. That's what you Statsman Apu said. It is bad to stereotype another race.


Nuff said.. Racism (A TOTAL OF 14)

When we confronted him, he claimed that "Jap" is not a racist word. In fact, it is. According to "Jap" is an offensive statement to refer to the Japanese.

Other than the above, STATSMAN seems to have a habit of promoting Aryan-ism. He said a few times that, races marrying one another should be made Law. Thank God Almighty, we do not have such leader in Malaysia.

That makes you wonder, how does Aryan-ism and racial segregation works? Such principle experienced an implementation during World War II by Adolf Hitler himself. Millions were killed because of the LAW. Just like Hitler, it can be said STATSMAN is trying to spread a racist propaganda by twisting the facts of Darwin Natural Selection.

That apart, Statsman perhaps support Pan-Aryanism, which is another subset of the White Power/White Supremacist movement in America. I am wondering whether he is bald. That would make him look more like a skinhead. Maybe he IS a skinhead.

When I dig him up and found out that he tried to propagate such outdated bigot and racist propaganda in other forums (Asia Times and Hotspots), he made a denial in Topix. He said impostors set him up.

It is strange that he can say such a thing, when the impostors say similar remarks as highlighted above and share the same style of writing. Who would believe him?


Thanks and Regards....

NEXT: As Statsman pushes its propaganda, Sagaladoola may be forced to react by alerting Asia Times. Sagaladoola may consider copying and pasting the jokes what Statsman actually said in Asia Times and Hotspots in this blog.

Statsman, if you are reading this, I advise you not to push too hard. It may end up ugly.

NEXT: Sagaladoola will not report Statsman to Asia Times as Sagaladoola realised members of the forum had lodged multiple complaints against him for his racist and insulting remarks since 2005.

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