Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Malaysian Tyrant IT-Dummy Suggestion for Blog Control

The government strikes back at Bloggers by declaring that they may be made compulsory to register themselves as well as their websites.

This is definitely not an intelligent suggestion. I apologise; I should have said the suggestion is downright "dummy" or stupid

My guess is, BN was shocked to find a free anonymous website posting a corruption/bribery claim of RM 5 million for the freedom of a few Emergency Ordinance criminals.

I ponder, how will this blog registration attempt make similar accusations stop?


If I intend to accuse someone of bribery using the internet, there are a few alternatives I can approach:

1) Go to any Tom, Dick and Harry cybercafe (be it within the state or outside). Register an e-mail, a free web ( , and post my accusation on the spot. Bear in mind that all cybercafes do not require IC checking and registration of user real names.

2) If approach (1) fails, I can opt for nearby Singapore or Thailand or any countries, and repeat approach (1) over there.

3) If approach (1) and (2) fails, I can befriend a Malaysian who had migrated overseas (i.e. USA). Periodically, I can meet him overseas (other than USA) secretly and request him to do the posting for me.

4) There are many complex softwares for masking ourselves. Those who intend to post online accusations, I believe, would have the exposure.


Furthermore, let's read what the intellectually-challenged minister said:
".... said his department was considering an option to make surfers identify themselves so that the government can track their activities."

May I ask, if the government were to consider me as a bank robber (although I may not be one), would I purposely go to the police station and surrender myself?

That's quite an easy answer isn't it?

I would say that those who would go and register would be those who either:
1) writes the truth, therefore has nothing to be afraid of; or/and;
2) writes about cooking, eateries, comics; anything associated with daily life except politics.


This again shows how intellectually-challenged our IT ministers are, possibly IT illiterate. As tyrant as this government wants to be, at least think of a brilliant idea, not a 'strange' one.

Even a layman kit-chi-miao kikilala blogger like me can think of it, why can't they?

Like Marina Mahathir said, we will be laughed and ridiculed by the world. This is absolutely laughable.

As someone from the IT line, I would like to lay this claim as my last sentence:


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