Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Politics Make Good Movies: Where is the Malaysian Version?


Has anyone seen the movie "The Departed" by Martin Scorcese, starring Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio ?

This movie is derived from "Infernal Affairs", a Cantonese movie starring Andy Lau Tak Wah. A company in Hollywood bought the copyright to this Cantonese movie and made a derivation out of it.

Martin Scorcese, who had been snubbed for so many decades in the "Best Director" category (Oscar, Academy Awards) managed to receive one last year for "The Departed".

It is no wonder Martin Scorcese won an award for that movie. Perhaps, the movie somehow reflects the reality of life, politics between the underworld and the righteous. Maybe the righteous may not seem so "right" after all after watching that movie.

The real story that may be happening behind the scenes. The real story amidst all the conjured fake smiles and somehow fabricated news in mainstream media.

Maybe one day, someone from Malaysia can make a movie out of "what may be happening in Malaysia". If that is what is happening, it is certainly more interesting than "The Departed" and "Infernal Affairs".

Who knows, the stories may be real ....

Who knows, an adapted story that is "Based on a True Story" can win a Malaysian director/producer an Oscar one day.

Madonna, the Queen of Pop once sang in her Billboard No. 1 hit song "Take A Bow":
"All The World's A Stage, and Everyone has their part"
"But how was I to know which way'd the Story go .... "

Let's see how the roles of those involved in the Story would evolve. Let's see who will "Take A Bow" and retreat from the stage first. Let's see who will be the last remaining one on top of the Stage and accept the loudest applause and standing ovation from the Audience.

Enjoy the show !!!
Fellow Malaysians, please read Malaysia Today for potential political intrigue in Malaysia

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