Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Son-In-Law Khairy: Did He Mean What He Say?

This is my comment in Malaysia Today's article extracted from The Straits Times. The title of the article is "Khairy: Malays need to make up for lost time"

Mr Khairy acknowledged that it did sometimes sound like it was exhorting the Malays to see the other communities as rivals. 'When you want to try to motivate the political ground, your rhetoric always tends to sound a little bit like that, no matter who is saying it, whether it's Umno, MCA or MIC,' he said.

Let's see what Khairy Jamaluddin, the famous Son-In-Law of Malaysia PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said and let us determine whether what he said is intentional and racist.


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Why didn't he choose to say "The internal split within UMNO will weaken the Malays" instead?

Khairy talked as if Chinese Malaysians should not make demands for their community. Why did he make that statement? Isn't that an outright evil intention to use the other Malaysians as bogeyman?

That is because he is racist and he intended to capitalise the "Divide and Conquer" strategy with intentions to marginalise the other Malaysians.

KHAIRY SAID: “The internal split within Umno will weaken the party’s position and this will pave way for the Chinese Malaysians to make various demands to benefit their community.”, Khairy Jamaluddin, deputy youth chief of UMNO Youth, was quoted as saying this by Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily. In fact, all the Chinese papers reported on this. Not the English or Malay language papers.


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Khairy threatens that if ASLI figures are true, they will raise the par to 70%. Does that mean, UMNO youth will demand raises until perhaps it is 100% or beyond 100% (110%)? Initially, NEP promised that bumiputra equity should be at least 30% and the NEP would be dropped. Now it is beyond 30% (45%), but majority Bumiputras are still poor. Why?

That we have to ask UMNOputras and their cronyies. Are they sincere to bring up bumiputras? Hahaha, you tell me.

KHAIRY SAID: “They are manipulating figures. If we want to use the Asli figures, let’s set a new target. Let’s make it 70% for the Malay equity,” he added.


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Khairy leads UMNO Youth into unreasonable economic methods of acquiring wealth. That is his so-called "political ground" with racist rethorics.

KHAIRY SAID: "Beliau turut menyentuh laporan kajian ekonomi Institut Kepimpinan dan Strategi Asia (Asli) kononnya orang Melayu sudah memiliki 45 peratus ekuiti negara, berkata jika laporan itu sahih, Pemuda Umno menuntut pemilikan ekuiti 70 peratus pula."


It is no use providing stupid explanations in papers when one can clearly see what you intend to do. Don't try to make yourself sound noble doing so. Don't try to make it sound as if you do it unintentionally either. Exhortation is bad and it can be clearly seen that it was intentional.

To enrich the few while leaving the rest in poverty.

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