Sunday, April 01, 2007

May 13 Grandma Stories

This is my comment on Biggum Doggmansteinberg's article in Malaysia Today titled "Tengku Razaleigh tributes Tun Razak at UM"

It seems someone brought up the issue of May 13 in this issue surprisingly considering the fact that this article has nothing to do with it.

Below is my response.


Yeah, people

Yeah, it is the same stories all over again.

The malays say chinese provoked them by saying "balik kampung tanam jagung"

The chinese say the malays are uneasy with chinese winning KL.

Let me ask you, who can prove which is true?


After all both Malays and Chinese are racists. I have written an article based on a research finding. You can view it on my website if you want to.

The confirmed matter is despite the May 13 incident we are all in the same boat. The Chinese contribute massively towards the economy. The Malays make the majority of Malaysia. With this yin and yang situation, perhaps we should stop bickering towards grandmother stories of years gone by and do something proactive TOGETHER.

Please do not relish and reminisce on May 13. The only thing we should learn from this is to be polite towards one another and not to play with racial cards. Otherwise, horrible scenes of violence that may set the nation back may occur again.

Please think for a while on this matter. Let me repeat this statement: We are in the same boat. If Malays suffer, the Chinese will suffer. If the Chinese suffer here (particularly in economy), the Malays will suffer as well.

Like it or not, please be sensible. STOP BICKERING !!! THINK MALAYSIAN !


Let me conclude, in my opinion, DAP and PAS are created to help BN win the elections. It is part of the DIVIDE AND RULE/CONQUER STRATEGY tool.

After all, both races will not vote the other party and because of that, any of these parties will not be able to become a government.

Therefore, who is the big winner? The winner of all losers?

Barisan Nasional.

I am using their tool against them. I will vote for DAP, PAS or Keadilan until Ku Li does something useful for the nation.

At least Ku Li is:

1) Not a Racist. He has never brought out the Keris and waive it around like Hishamuddin (with others in the meeting calling for blood and the usage of the keris) or say something discriminatory towards other races.

2) Economic-minded.

3) Concerned about all Malaysians.


In my opinion, until Ku Li does something useful, I will continue to vote for DAP and PAS. I will use BN's DIVIDE AND RULE/CONQUER STRATEGY tool (DAP and PAS) against BN.

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