Monday, October 15, 2007

Teenagers Smarter Than Nazri? How Come ?

I mean, really.....

How come? These are teenagers, young schooling (college or university) people who have yet to fully graduate with a degree.

From what I have gathered, Nazri, is a law graduate. The ironic thing is, a person like him could make such a grave mistake by saying that there is a Witness Protection Bill in Malaysia when there is none. I am sure Malaysians are waiting for the de facto Law Minister to apologise for this blunder. Not getting what is required, the Minister even continued with calling certain group of people as "Crazy Lawyers". Amazing isn't it?

These teens were writing about the infamous video clip of Shock-A-Lingam. The clip was widely reported in the blogging world and Malaysiakini.

Here, the two pretty teen lady bloggers....
Pinkpau (Su Ann) : The Judiciary Issue
Charlenediane : My Thoughts Exactly

and Nat's of ex-colleague....
Johnleemk : Malaysia's Judiciary, Failing Quantity and Quality Tests

What can I say? The "condition" in Malaysia is so bad until the extent that it is no longer even possible to cheat anybody, even teens. What more can I say?

One thing for sure. The internet has globalised the world. It has democratised knowledge. In this information age, it is no longer true that those of older age will know more than those of the younger age. The availability of various data on the web has enabled everyone to capture new things at their whim and fancy. You can only get it if you put in your effort.

Nazri, do you use the net or something? Do you think or do research before you speak? Do you blog?


team bsg said...

u have just wriggle the tip of da iceberg !
teenagers ? u must be kidding !
he is mentally retarded ! please forgive him !

Freethinker said...

Nazri has clarify the issue as a mistake and took a swipe at his assistant for not issuing the media statement soon enough. True enough the younger generation or more precisely the web 2.0 generation have the opportunity to increase their awareness on a lot of fronts. However, at the same time, it's unclear how many of the young net users bother on socio-political issues.

Sagaladoola said...

Well, freethinker, I know about that. This is only one of the example of his blunders....

So what if it's his secretary. What about the incident on how "the authenticity of the tape" should be decided.

Even Su Ann, the teen has better solutions.

mob1900 said...

You're right, our young ones has better inclination towards what's at stake compare to a this Nazree fler. Creating the awareness of our debauchered judiciary is the first step to restoring a truly independent law in the country.