Friday, October 05, 2007

"Not Asking Them to Write Truthfully" He Said !

Malaysiakini reported about this concerning Tengku Adnan, one of the name mentioned by a person in the Shock-a-Lingam tape.

"Oups, he did it again", the blogger Freethinker wrote in his Observer blog.

To quote Malaysiakini :
Tengku Adnan said this in his speech at the launch of the Bernama-Tourism Malaysia Treasure Hunt 2007 at the MTC. "On this earth, we can do whatever we like, but you must remember that when you die, you have to answer to someone. So whatever you write, especially the press, write responsibly...

"I'm not asking you to write truthfully, but write responsibly," said Tengku Adnan to a crowd of 50 comprising mostly of Bernama staff and sponsor representatives.

Hahaha .... Oh, he is "NOT asking them to write truthfully".

Wait, wait, is there anything wrong with that statement?

Again I repeat, he is NOT asking them (the press) to write TRUTHFULLY ... Hmmn yeah right, ok, darn .. hehehe.

So, what kind of news in the press we have been reading these days? Now I am a bit tad confused.. hehehe.

I thought WRITING RESPONSIBLY IS BY WRITING TRUTHFULLY? It is supposed to go hand in hand with ethical journalism and such. I wonder why Ku Nan would choose to use the word "BUT" to connect those two phrases. Shouldn't it be this :

" I am asking you to write truthfully AND responsibly? "

If Ku Nan thinks truthfulness and responsibility does not gel, then he should define his version of "Responsibility" to us.

For me, responsibility and ethics of journalism is "to tell the truth and nothing but the truth". It is all about impartiality. Journalists should not have any political affiliated mindset when they are writing materials. Ku Nan, do you have something else in mind? Whoops, I question too much.

Sheesh ... English problem or Mental problem or some symptoms in judiciary? Or rather all the above?

Good luck Malaysians. ...

As a minister, we have a role to "speak truthfully and responsibly too". What do you say, Nazri, the Minister and his ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’ utterances ?

Is threatening / intimidating whistleblowers a way forward to solve the judiciary issue? It is mind-boggling enough that the authenticity of the video is investigated in priority over the people implicated in the video. For your information, it is almost impossible to make such seamless video of clear graphics and audio. The best graphic team in the world can only afford the Final Fantasy Movie.

Let me give a better idea. Investigate those in the video and you shall know whether the video is genuine. Saves time. That provided the current Malaysian government is sincere in its intentions.

Quote of the day:
Actions are the fruit of all truth, it is by your words you may be heard, but by your actions you will be judged. by Joe Maclaine, Police Blogger.

Malaysians are watching and judging.... Election may be near....

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what do you expect from a country lead by a errrrrrr shall we just be kind and say oh tak tahu ?