Monday, October 15, 2007

Alfred Ho, the Famous Blind Singer Joined DAP !

Alfred Ho, the Visually-Impaired but Famous Singer had oficially joined Democratic Action Party (DAP) at a Press Conference in DAP Seputeh office on 14th October 2007, 11.00 a.m.

Updated on 16 Feb 2008, 3.59 p.m.
Alfred had informed me that he will be using the new address because of some complications with his old blog. Please visit for updates on his views and details on upcoming performances.

The event was coordinated by MP-in-residence Seputeh Teresa Kok . MP Bukit Bintang Fong Kui Lun and MP Cheras Tan Kok Wai were present to welcome Mr. Alfred Ho into DAP.

Ms. Teresa Kok started the ball rolling by thanking those who came, announced Mr. Alfred's joining and passed the microphone to him to state his causes.

Alfred Ho's words
A visually-impaired person does not necessarily mean one is less concerned about the politics and society of his homeland, Malaysia. Mr. Alfred Ho (thereupon referred to as Alfred) is an avid and seasoned reader of political affairs particularly through the internet, traversing through multiple blogs and famous news sites such as The Star, Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini ( ).

It seems that Ms. Teresa came to know him because he lives in her constituency. Having some problems with his daily life due to some purported discrimination because of his disability, he seek for her help by sending e-mails with related content.

Previously, Alfred stated that he had tried to approach various governmental organisations and parties for assistance but was not able to get the help that he wanted. Only Ms. Teresa took the initiative to meet with him and approach in a positive manner. This is what prompted Alfred to commit himself to DAP to further his causes.

Besides that, Alfred had also alleged that he is also being discriminated for his political standing, as can be seen from the published letters in his blog.

On matters of national interest, he mentioned his opinion that the Angkasawan project is a waste of public funds that could be better used to serve the poor citizens. Alfred is deeply concerned with the current state of corruption in the nation.

It seems that Malaysians are not concerned enough because "they still have money to spend" but judging by the current state of corruption, he calls for all to react before "it is too late". He strives for equality for all, regardless of race and religion. He reiterated that there should be no discrimination even to those disabled.

Earlier, before he started his announcement he stated the sentence "If a blind man can be so concerned until he had to join politics, then something must be very wrong with the country !"

How does a Visually-Impaired person use the computer ?
Alfred uses a Speech Recognition software. It is an incredible tool that allows them to navigate softwares effectively. Words displayed on websites can be translated and transmitted as audio. As for using the keyboard, Alfred was trained in typing. Being quite a fast typist, writing e-mails or commenting in forums is not a problem for him.

MPs' Words
After Mr. Fong Kui Lun welcomed Alfred into the party, Tan Kok Wai urged the nation to use voting as a way to improve the situation in Malaysia. As someone used to say "These days corruption is no longer under the table, it is on the table".

The MP mentioned about Singapore Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew's statement on the potential that Singapore may rejoin Malaysia if equality is practised. He seconded it and re-emphasised the concept with education.

The three MPs then took out a newspaper article published in Chinese. It was displayed the promises of the current Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should the citizens vote for him. In 2004, Abdullah received landslide victory. A number of his promises are unfulfilled it seems.

This year is the 50th year of Malaysian Independence. MP Tan Kok Wai said the citizens in general has no confidence in the current governance. DAP stands against the abuse of power and corruption.

The press conference ended with a Q & A session and Alfred passing his participation form to the DAP MPs. Alfred sang several songs from his music albums to entertain the crowd of press, friends and fans.

P.S. : Sagaladoola is not a member of DAP but decides to do justice to any parties or individuals that may be disadvantaged by the shocking Printing, Presses and Publications Act . MP Teresa Kok wrote a blog entry on this event as well .


Loyal Citizen said...

Malaysia must get its priority right. Spending millions of tax payers money on so many prestigious & wasteful projects-the tallest building in the world,
financial scandals, corruptions and now the space programme with the Russians etc etc.
Money that can be better spend on providing health care for the mentally ill,the poor and the disable.Well said Alfred, shame on those in power!!

Sagaladoola said...

Alfred has blogged about this as well .... :

Lifted From Sagaladoola's Website - 15th Oct 2007

ahiruDin aTTan said...

i was alerted to this news by tv smith's dua sen news. to mr alfred ho, all the best.
thanks for the news sagaladoola.

Anonymous said...

Finally we have the Blind leading the Blind in Malaysia. Alfred has been disgruntled with TV broadcasting stations for side lining him in their shows and has spates with MCA complaint man Michael - so where else can he find consolation except in the arms of DAP.
And DAP must faced and not be blinded to the reality this Nation is undergoing. It is going downwards on a self destruction path with the leaders too drunk with power & materialistic way of life to realize and wake up from the stupor they are now in.
Nothing the DAP or others can do will change and stop this state of affairs for now. The destruction must be completed and we have to go through this painful experience. When the plundering is completed and not enough tidbits are distributed, then only the masses will see they have been hoodwinked by these corrupted leaders all along and rise for a change. If we have to wait, another generation or two perhaps is the time span.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that Malaysians who voted in Barisan Nasional allow these politicians to do as they like and they still vote them in. And this so call wasting of money and protests of some form have been going on, on and off, for the past 50 years. These are big issues as compared to some personal ones which makes one feels like a loser. We are talking about mistakes building up for the past 50 years. And not just a few days ago. If there are any good men in Barisan Nasional, where have they gone ? Have they become robots or what ? And so now RTM is busily bringing back those Merdeka shows, hoping to convey what good politics is all about. Even that, is there such a thing as good politics ? Everywhere you go, the one political word that come out from people mouth is money. Without money, you can bet your bottom ringgit that there is no support. Ask yourself. Why is it that each time before elections, there are repairs of infrastructures here and there ? Is that not another form of buying your heart so that you support BN ? There is no monitoring system of what the BN is up to. Malaysians are so busy doing their own things that they don't care what the government is doing. When the government build the twin towers, they all praised her. When the government sent the first Malaysian astronaut into space, they all praised her. When the government turns Malaysia into a first world like country, they all praised it. But they never ask themselves where did the money come from ? Drop down from the heavens ? If it takes you so much time to make those kind of money, how come the government can have those money in such a short period ? And if Malaysia is destroyed by the very people who found her, then we will be held captives by some foreign powers. The cloning technique should have been discovered while Tunku Rahman is still alive so that Malaysians can clone another Tunku Rahman and have him to lead us all the way.

Sagaladoola said...

Alfred is no longer using his old blog because of some complications.

His NEW blog here :
Alfred Ho Music