Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh My God, Badut-Din Does It Again !

( Picture from Bodohland : Shooting from his A**s again! )

Malaysiakini reported ‘Karpal a disabled’ remark causes ruckus .

Now let's read the infamous remarks as provided by Malaysia Today (summarised version) and Penyata Rasmi (Hansard) 22 Oktober 2007 :

Bahasa Melayu:
1) Kita kena ajar orang macam ini dan sekarang Tuhan dah ajar dia Tuan Yang di-Pertua. (Page 41 and 42 of Hansard)

2) Yang Berhormat sendiri kena bersopan santun kalau mahu ajar orang, kalau Yang Berhormat sendiri pun dah perangai macam itu dengan berkerusi roda, ini Tuhan telah tunjukkan kepada Yang Berhormat . (Page 42 of Hansard)

1) We have to teach people like this and now God had taught him Tuan Yang di-Pertua. (Page 41 and 42 of Hansard)

2) Yang Berhormat has to be polite if you intend to teach other people, if Yang Berhormat yourself has that kind of attitude when you are at the wheelchair, God has shown you Yang Berhormat . (Page 42 of Hansard)

Disability versus Stupidity
That's highly insensitive. Member of Parliament (Jerai) , Badruddin Amiruldin claims that people who sit in wheelchairs are punished by God! We know the groups of people who normally sit in wheelchairs : the disabled (some at birth, some by accident).

If disability is a form of divine punishment, I would like to ask Badut-Din, "Is stupidity and idiocy punishments from God ?". If the answer is a resounding "yes", I would be quite concerned with the Cabinet. The river never runs dry. Badut-Din has proven it using himself as a model. After all, stupidity is worse than being physically disabled.

Physically-challenged people are still able to solve problems and produce great stuff. Look at musicians such as Jose Feliciano, Ray Charles and local evergreen singer Alfred Ho . Stephen Hawking, the scientist, who is wheelchair-ridden due to some chronic illness produced one of the greatest theories in mankind on the creation of universe. His work is detailed in the prize-winning book "A Brief History of Time". The poet Byron is famous in his own right.

What has Badut-din, a person "capable" of walking and talking "amok" done for the nation other than tarnishing its reputation and lowering the standards of its Parliament? Perhaps, Badut-din should recognise when one does not use (or rather incapable of using) one's own brain, one would not know the significance of such words. Now, is that a punishment from God?

An MP is a "Yang Berhormat"
As an MP, one carries the title "Yang Berhormat" which means "The Respected One". If he thinks such words are justifiable after a moment of thought, would that mean that his brain is screwed up? Does a person who utter such statement deserve to be respected?

Is having such an MP a punishment from God to Malaysians? Maybe not. Then, are Malaysians actually the ones who are stupid? Remember, remember, we chose representatives in the form of Members of Parliament. "Yang Berhormat" was installed with our mandate.

Attacking a member of the opposition like Karpal Singh is one matter. Making such a general statement that hurts the feelings of many Malaysians not involved in the debate reflects an insolent and non-professional attitude. As a :"Yang Berhormat" / "Respected One", one should have the wisdom to exercise compassion and not to associate negative connotations to people who are physically disadvantaged.

Compassion in the Cultural Root of Malays
According to Malay blogger Roslan SMS Corner , traditionally Malays are brought up to be compassionate. Parents teach their children not to look down on the disabled, the old folks or any poor people. Charity is encouraged. Development has certainly brought in new and differing influences. However, it remains that many still holds dear to this good attitude.

As a representative of the citizens, particularly of Jerai and of Malays, Badut-din created a certain degree of negative perceptions to the Malay society. It is unclear whether UMNO (the party that Badruddin belongs to) has made any instructions for him to apologise. My confidence stoops low if you catch the drift.

I would like to call the public to dissociate such a rude character from the liberal Malay society as there are many of them who feel slighted by the way he speaks.

Other Insolent Remarks
Such horrible words coming out of Badruddin is not surprising. After all, he is famous for sexist remarks ( on female MP Fong Po Kuan, "How long can the Yang Berhormat's husband stand her?" ) , racist remarks ( on Malaysian Indians : " keling botol", " keling jual roti" ) , arrogant remarks ( "kalau tak suka, keluar dari Malaysia" ) and brandishing May 13 book coupled with suspicious remarks such as "if it were disturbed, these hornets will strike and destroy the country" .

The words being mentioned above were only the tip of the iceberg. Correction, I mean tip of the Hornet's Nest. One can always refer to Badruddin's Details in Wikipedia for more shocking statements.

( Picture from wattahack : Now you are sitting in a wheel chair. God has punished you. )


Anonymous said...

he is an arsehole to say such a thing but may allah forgive him bec he is an imbecile

Anonymous said...

Badruddin Amiruldin claims that people who sit in wheelchairs are punished by God!

If this is true, Badruddin must be GOD! =D