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Badruddin : Puki Mak ?

[ Caution : The following article is not suitable for children. Explicit language used ]

Previously, Malaysiakini reported ‘Karpal a disabled’ remark causes ruckus . I had written an article on this matter, titled Oh My God, Badut-Din Does It Again !

One can refer to page 41 and page 42 of Penyata Rasmi (Hansard) 22 Oktober 2007 for more details on the matter. It seems that Badruddin associated people on wheelchairs are those that are "taught" by God for certain kind of attitude. It is indeed insensitive to say such a thing.

Hansard: Puki mak ?
Let's do another extraction from the Hansard of the above date. There are some important points to note, referring to page 43 and 44 :

Tuan R. Karpal Singh [Bukit Gelugor]: Ini OKU sementara sahaja. Tetapi saya bagi nasihat kepada Ahli Yang Berhormat dari Jerai, bila dalam satu court yang seperti mana tadi, jangan panik. Jika panik lebih teruk. Di antara apa yang saya menyatakan perkataan-perkataan saya gunakan binatang dan sebagainya, berbanding dengan perkataan ‘puki mak’...

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Yusof bin Yacob]: Yang Berhormat tak baik...

Tuan R. Karpal Singh [Bukit Gelugor]: ...di mana, di mana dalam dunia ini ada erkataan seperti itu digunakan dalam mana-mana Parlimen atau Kongres-kongres lain dalam negara ini? Apabila dia menyatakan menggunakan perkataan ‘puki mak’ ...

Timbalan Yang di-Pertua [Datuk Dr. Yusof bin Yacob]: Yang Berhormat, tidak payahlah ulang perkataan itu....

Tuan R. Karpal Singh [Bukit Gelugor]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, dia menafikan sehingga dalam Hansard ada perkataan itu, dia bohong kepada Dewan apabila dia menafikan. Tarik balik, tarik balik ‘puki mak’, apa ini, apa tindakan ada diambil ke atas dia? Adakah dia dirujuk kepada
DR.22.10.2007 44 Committee of Privileges? Adakah itu dibuat? Adakah apa-apa tindakan diambil ke atas beliau, dia keriau tadi. Ini bukan negara Islam, ini suatu negara sekular. Ini sudah ditentukan oleh mahkamah, ada ditentukan oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussein Onn dan pemimpin-pemimpin lain dalam Barisan Nasional. Apa dia mahu keriau dalam Dewan yang mulia ini.

Name calling and Foul language : Different Categories
Before we proceed to the next level of discussion, perhaps we should understand what 'puki mak' means.

Urban dictionary: puki mak hang
Definition : malay for "your mother's cunt". Popular among the malays in the state of Kedah, where the world famous Dr Mahathir was born. when you were snub off for trespassing, when you were not,

Example of usage: "Puki Mak Hang....hang ingat tempat nie bapak hang punya ka...?"
English translation: "You mother's cunt... you think this is your grandfather's place...?"

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by newyorker2 kuala lumpur Apr 21, 2006

Obviously, this is a foul word, explicitly pornographic and degrading. There is no such parliament in the world that allows for such language to be used in its proceedings, where serious matters are discussed and laws formulated.

In order to be fair to all parties, regardless of opposition of the ruling party, I would say that the words "binatang" , "lembu" or "bodoh" used by both sides of the coin are unruly and should be discouraged. However, one should note that those words are only negatively descriptive. Those are not bad or curse words.

On the other hand, Puki mak means "your mother's cunt", a different category than name-calling. If such word is permissible, then possibly our future parliament meetings will use these kind of words:

Cao Ci bai, Nia Mah Cao Hai, Punde, Pee Sapre, Mutiram Kudi, Kan Ni Neh, Pantat, Jubok, Kena Tiao, Puki Pepek, Kena Konkek, Motherfucker, Son of a Bitch, Fuck, Bastard ...

Imagine the whole Parliament using such language? We should emulate example of good parliamentary manners such as UK and Hong Kong. We should not try to learn from Taiwan. So, what's next? Throwing chairs, pulling hair, slinging shoe and sumo wrestling in the Parliament?

Badruddin's Justification
This is Badruddin's explanation on the usage of the word ‘puki mak’ :

Dato' Paduka Haji Badruddin bin Amiruldin [Jerai]: Apa pasal tidak apa, itu bahasa
yang negeri, dan saya menggunakan perkataan itu kerana Yang Berhormat pada masa itu Yang Berhormat biadab dalam dewan ini, menghina bangsa Melayu, menghina bangsa saya. Kita kena ajar orang macam ini dan sekarang Tuhan dah ajar dia Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Seorang ahli politik yang veteran tetapi tidak ada hikmah, tidak ada budi, tidak ada bahasa dan menghina negara Malaysia sebagai negara Islam. Menghina orang Melayu,

It is unclear on how Karpal Singh actually insulted (according to Badruddin himself) the nation, religion and race. Perhaps there is no such thing after all. If there is, I am pretty sure the Barisan Nasional mechanisms would have made it a national situation with huge publicities and shocking speeches. Let's take the national debates on one hand as a separate matter and the usage of foul language as a separate matter.

Shamelessly, a person like Badut-Din, I mean, Badruddin Amiruldin is trying to justify that his usage of the word is appropriate to defend his nation, religion and Malay race. Duh ? How ?

If Badruddin intends to defend, he can always use words and solid points to justify. I do not see the need to use such vulgar words. After all, people like Tun Dr. Mahathir, who coincidentally come from the same state as Badruddin, never defended his people using such horrible language. Tun Dr. M, in his decades of service had been using arguments and different perspectives to illustrate his points. Badruddin had only served one term and the public have already heard such a thing.

Using "Puki Mak" will not make a good defense. As a reprentative of the Malay rakyat (citizens), what has been done is a shameful gesture that brings negative impressions on the attitude of those he wanted to defend. Badruddin's attempt to justify his remarks falls flat.

My dear Badruddin, Members of Parliament are supposed to be discussing important agendas in a Parliament.

Parliament is not a Coffee shop, Kopitiam, Tea House or Kedai Runcit !


daffodils said...

This guy must have a lot of filth upstairs but which came out from his mouth rather than the normal passage way. He is everything an elected representative should not be. He have overstayed. Show him the exit. A bad example to the younger set, a warmonger in Parliament, a bigot, a cold hearted character, unrefined in manners. Enough said. It's amazing he still get elected.

Anonymous said...

Well he is indeed a Clown of Malaysia...get him record into the Malaysia Book of Records...

Anonymous said...

This shameless uncouth, foul mouthed, apology for an MP, who's name should be spelled BAD-RUDE-DIN, is totally unworthy of a seat in parliament. If the PM is a real leader, with a genuine interest in the quality of his government, he should get immediately censure this Bad-rude-din, since his brings only dishonour to parliament and great shame to Malaysia.
In addition to using foul language, this lump of stinking excrement MP also insulted all disabled citizens with his uncalled for remarks regarding wheelchair users receiving the divine punishment they deserve.

zorro said...

Sorry but comparing Tun M to this vomit, is like comparing a Master of Letters to a resident village retard.

But I am surprised, the disabled seems comfortable in their wheelchairs. A few of us volunteered to wheel them to parliament and not one have come forward. I ask: WHAT CAN BE DISABLING THEM.

zorro said...

Anon at 4.44...dont disturb the PM. Moreover he is seldom in Parliament. I would censure the BN whip, the DPM. He has even he surrender to a more forceful, proactive character - his wife.

Anonymous said...

.........conclusion........the Baruahdin bugger is a mother-fucker........

Anonymous said...

what a loser u all.. hehe

Anonymous said...

This Badut-din is the biggest "gainer" (hidden meaning) of all time, and we all know why .. same like those who angkat keris

daffodils said...

Hear ye, hear ye the baddie guy has apologised. He has been disiplined. And another surprise. KJ boy has suddenly turned angelic saying 'Sensitive issues a no-no at Umno general assembly" More side shows to come.

Sultanah Yue said...

dear sir... minta keizinan untuk postkan + editkan and Satirical'kan entry ini kepada blog saya!

Thank You.

Sagaladoola said...

Kebenaran diberi.. Tapi ingatlah .. link-kan post anda kepada alamat saya

Linklah mana-mana artikel yang anda suka... asalkan letak link .. tak yah tanya kebenaran.

Bacalah Malaysia Today dan Malaysiakini untuk berita terbaru

Selamat berblogging.....

Buatlah sesuatu demi diri sendiri, bangsa dan negara....

Anonymous said...

I'm part Irish and part Singaporean and know Malay. I have nothing to do with Malaysia so I hope you don't think I'm intruding your nation's privacy. :)

I was just passing through and I thought your entry was quite an interesting read. I guess in every country or parliament, there'll always be a bad egg somewhere in any situation and Badruddin happens to be the bad egg there, trying to tarnish Malaysian's beautiful image.

He sounds, to me, like those terrorists who are using Islam's name in vain and the Americans who are using "terrorism" as an excuse to terrorize uninvolved countries for their own gains.