Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Badruddin Apologised, Nazri : M****r*****r ?

Previously, Malaysiakini reported ‘Karpal a disabled’ remark causes ruckus . I had written an article on this matter, titled Oh My God, Badut-Din Does It Again ! On top of that Karpal Singh also noted that Badruddin had previously used the foul word of Puki Mak in the Parliament.

Badruddin Apologised
In a rare moment of truth, almost non-existent action among the Barisan Nasional Member of Parliament, Badruddin has recently apologised on his statements, unconditionally for some unruly remarks he had said.

Of the many blunders he made in the past, this is certainly an action that shocked me for a while. Nonetheless, apologising for those who are offended deserve some good mention in my blog.

It is certainly in my hope that Badruddin will not repeat similar hurtful remarks in the future and debate with Parliamentarians in a more professional manner. There should be no repeat of the mistakes he made. If one makes too many similar mistakes and apologise too many times, one's integrity and sincerity should be put in doubt.

So, people. Shall we cut Badruddin some slack and give him some time to repent. This is certainly a slightly positive development from his side.

Give him a chance.

Nazri : M****r*****r
Now, that's enough, snap out of it .... Now, I am concentrating on Nazri ... Read Nazri says “M****r*****r!” Cabinet or da’ ghetto? from . The text was extracted from NST.

As for what the asterisks stands for, it isn't hard to guess the word. This is the guy who mentioned a bill that does not exist and shouted Racist , Racist , Racist and Stupid , Stupid , Stupid in Parliament.

I am not sure if there is any apology from him. Now, in some ways Badruddin is better than this guy.

(Picture from Bodohland : The Incredible Nincompoo)

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