Friday, August 10, 2007

Police Reports and Hamba Allah's Phone Number

IPD Dang Wangi is very busy and famous (or infamous) these days.

First, Nathaniel Tan was wrongfully arrested under OSA. 2 Candlelight vigils followed. Even Anwar Ibrahim and various political leaders and NGO leaders came by. Then there were 2 UMNO's police report against Raja Petra of Malaysia Today by its Information Chief, Muhammad Muhammad Taib. Famous bloggers such as Ahiruddin Attan, Zorro Unmasked was there to lend support to Raja Petra.

A few days after, Ronnie Liu made a police report about Dr. Ng Seng's seditious posting on Office of the Prime Minister's Office site. A few days later, Raja Petra's wife was called in for questioning. Marina Mahathir came. While bloggers are painstakingly blogging about all those events, Tony Pua lodged another police report ( Malaysiakini ) about KPMU's (U of UMNO) Shocking View on Christianity.

Not even Malaysians in overseas were spared. A student landed himself in trouble for YouTube rap. The person studying in Taiwan that goes by the nickname, Namewee wrote a song based on the national anthem and named it "Negarakuku". There was an intention to lodge a police report. It is not clear whether it will be in IPD Dang Wangi.

Discounting all the police reports, bloggers @ Malaysia citizens were called all sorts of names by politicians. Goblok, bodoh, monyet, unemployed women among a few. There were even mentions of draconian laws such as ISA to be employed. UMNO recruited cybertroopers. Forums run a plenty.

All that happened in less than two months. Imagine most bloggers having a day-time job and struggling to write blogs and participating in all these events ! If one say the election is not near, this blogger and I believe a number of others will find it hard to believe.

Not having time to blog every single police reports, Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad of Gerbang Ruhanie stated that he will be making another one. Perhaps, IPD Dang Wangi?

It is indeed serious and I support his move to lodge a report. Read Here for more and HERE on Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad's Blog, "Gerbang Ruhanie".
" Someone using the hand-phone (60) 16-3929760, calling himself/ herself as "Hamba Allah" sent an SMS to Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad, with a threatening message, "BLOGGERS WILL BE PUT TO SLEEP" "

Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored echoed a call for help to track down this person with the aforementioned handphone number.

I hereby call all bloggers to inform Datuk Ruhanie if any useful information is obtained.

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