Friday, August 10, 2007

Khairy in America, To Hound or Not To Hound ?

Segment 1
Umno is not racist, says Khairy according to The Star on Monday, August 6, 2007

Key points extracted from the article:
1) Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaludin has refuted allegations by the Opposition that the movement practises racism.

2) “I don’t understand how the accusation come about – calling us racist. In fact, Umno always emphasises on the power-sharing concept and history has proven it."

3) How can we be racist, when we are defending equality?

Segment 2
However, few days before the statements above, Khairy purportedly mentioned that "Anwar is a traitor to Malay cause". The Star reported on Friday, August 3, 2007.

Such political accusation on Anwar Ibrahim, the ex-UMNO Youth president turned Opposition Party Leader Parti Keadilan Rakyat is understandable. After all, politics is all about rhetorics, perceptions and in-your-face claims. The most surprising part of all comes from an alleged link between Anwar, a foreign state and a foreign nation as stated by Khairy:

1) “Anwar is a PUPPET of the United States and the JEWS, thus HE MUST BE HOUNDED until there is NO MORE PLACE FOR HIM TO RUN TO,” he told a state UMNO YOUTH GATHERING on Wednesday night.

2) Among the 5,000 PEOPLE PRESENT were the wing’s former chief Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also Deputy Information Minister, and Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali.

From , the word "Hound" means:
7. to pursue or harass without respite
8. to incite to pursuit or attack; urge on.

From , the word "Racism" means :
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Segment 3
In a Malaysiakini letter, Dr Chris Anthony asked "Why bring in the Americans and Jews?"
" His motive is clear – to garner the support of the Malays for the election ....

... According to Anwar, the NEP only benefitted the rich Malays. The rich were getting richer and the vast majority of the Malays continue to remain poor. In fact, with the escalating cost of living they are getting poorer. What Anwar actually wanted was for the benefit of the Malays in general. Does that make him a traitor to his race? Why bring in the Americans and the Jews? ...

Analysis: Stereotyping and Immaturity
Dr Chris Anthony, (read above, Segment 3), staed that Anwar was probably striving for equality for the poor Malays. At the same time, the non-Malays should be assured that they will be treated fairly and have a place under the Malaysian flag. Such is the good concept of sharing.

It is unclear on how Khairy is "defending equality and not being racist" by relating Anwar with another race (the Jews) and therefore should be hounded. Does it justify that a person should be hounded if he or she sides with the Americans and Jews? What if the person supports good ideologies from the Americans such as freedom of speech, democracy and battle against corruption?

Condemning Anwar is understandable from the political context. Khairy is from a competing party. Why bring in the Americans, Jews and harp on such context?

Indeed, one cannot deny that America and certain Jews in this world have executed certain actions that are not good for the world community. There are corrupt Malays, Chinese and Indians in this world as well. Is it appropriate for us to stereotype that "All Malays are Corrupt", "All Chinese are Greedy" and "All Indians are Liars"? If you have a terrible boss who is a female, would you summarise that "All Female Bosses are Tyrant"? The 911 tragedy in US of A and several world cities were bombed by Muslims. Can we say "All Muslims are Terrorists?

We should not stereotype people just because of a few bad apples. Just there are bad Americans, bad Jews, bad female bosses, bad Muslims, bad Malays, Chinese and Indians, the good ones exist as well.

As a mature person, one should react based on issue. Immaturity leads to disaster.

Analysis: Hate America or Love America?
Khairy Jamaluddin describes his lovely "babymoon" in United States : The one and only... soon, please ( NST Online, 10 August, 2007 )

Read what he has to say about America in NST:

1) "Our "babymoon" took us to Japan, where I grew up, and then to Southern California which has the best weather in the world. "

Wow, now he thinks America is beautiful !

2) " So Mr Jobs, please iron out the kinks quick so that I can be true to myself and just have the iPhone as my one and only. "

Ohh, how sentimental, how touching, my one and only. Mr Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple and iPhone is an American.

Certainly ironic. Perhaps, Khairy forgot the powerful words he said a few days before his American vacation (Segment 2) : "Anwar is a PUPPET of the UNITED STATES and the JEWS, thus HE MUST BE HOUNDED until there is NO MORE PLACE FOR HIM TO RUN TO".

Khairy and his wife chose to have their vacation in the Land of America, where Jews abound and "puppets creator" run. Maybe, Khairy should look for the "Master of the Puppet". Solve the problem from the root. So, Khairy, to hound or not to hound?

Currently, this blogger has yet to read or hear any mainstream media highlighting any UMNO participants (5,000 attendees) condemn or express dissatisfaction over Khairy's shocking statements (Segment 2). Khairy is one of the most important leaders in UMNO Youth.

Readers can decide for themselves on this meaning of silence. Silence must be heard (Title of an song from New Age Dance musical project: Enigma)

Segment 4
Rocky Bru's site reported of an American reader exclaiming a "Revoke KJ's Visa" call. It was mentioned that this e-mail has been mailed to Malaysiakini with this important statement:

If Khairy strongly feels that towards Americans, then he should not be vacationing in the US and buying iPhones, which he recently bragged about in a newspaper article.

Srikanth Siva
Chicago, IL USA.

Happy "babymooning" !


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