Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Malaysia Today !

Sagaladoola wishes ( ) Malaysia Today's founder Raja Petra Kamarudin, editors, writers, commenters, readers, bloggers a Happy 3rd Anniversary.

Years pass by without us realising how far we have walked. Malaysia Today have walked a long way, from a website with a registered domain into a self-sustaining (technically) news portal. Currently, Malaysia Today closes in on The Star online, its only rival in cyberspace.

There are some good reasons to celebrate and rejoice. On this important day, let's evaluate the positive aspects Malaysia Today has given to the nation:

1) A platform for Malaysian citizens to discuss issues in articles.

2) Important news that do not appear in mainstream media.

3) A place for Malaysian Bloggers @ Citizens to convey their views in "Around the Blogs" and "Letters" section.

4) Analysis on socio-political happenings in Malaysia.

5) Evaluations on certain articles in the Constitution.

6) Promote understanding between people of different race and religion.

7) Calling citizens to respect the Federal Constitution, Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Malaysian royal families and Islam as the official religion.

8) Inspire Malaysians to speak up and look for solutions to existing national problems.

9) Instil nationalism among Malaysians and a hope for change towards a better future.

10) Allow alternative evaluations and views on historical context.

11) Supports transparency, accountability and revocation or reforms of draconian laws.

12) Giving "a voice" to Malaysians regardless of political affiliation.

Despite being severely attacked by Cybertroopers and faced with mind-boggling police reports, Malaysia Today has managed to survive through it all. If 13th of May is a reminder of the dark days of racial clashes, let 13th of August be the day of understanding between multi-cultural Malaysia.

May news portals such as Malaysia Today ( ), Malaysiakini ( ) and Merdeka Review ( ) continue to bring more breaking news to the community.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Malaysia Today ! ... and ... thank you for everything.

Sagaladoola's note: We Walk with Malaysia Today stickers are ready for distribution.

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