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False Blogs to Frame You and Police Reports

2007 is truly the grand year of Political Police Reports . As we are on the way to arrive at the 50th Merdeka this 31st August, which will be celebrated in a "controlled" way, the massive "orgy" of reports is alarming.

After nearly 2 months, the reports "orgasm" is not stopping yet. Still attempting terribly to blog all of them, another 2 more was just lodged.

REPORT 1: Malaysia Today: NGOs lodge report against Umno info chief

Charles Santiago, the coordinator of the Group of Concerned Citizens, led about 10 people to lodge the report in the district police headquarters here at about 10.30am.

"His statement is highly irresponsible as it is suggestive and creates fear and disharmony among citizens," Santiago told theSun.

In a press conference after the Kelana Jaya Umno meeting on Sunday, Muhammad said he was concerned that a RIOT could erupt if no action is taken against bloggers and people who posted information or opinions on the Internet which humiliate religion or other races.

The News Speculator blogger extracted another NGO name that goes by the name Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture (Madpet).

Malaysiakini as reported by Andrew Ong & Hon Yi Wen on Aug 14, 07 3:43pm : Mat Taib inciting ‘explosive' racial riots?
Is Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib inciting the recurrence of racial riots on a scale not seen since May 13, 1969? Two NGOs certainly believe so.
-> Comments after Umno meeting
-> ‘Listen to critics’

Indeed, such a statement about "riot" is not surprising if it comes from the mouth of UMNO Information Chief, Muhammad Muhammad Taib. After all, Ronnie Liu made a police report about Dr. Ng Seng's seditious posting on Office of the Prime Minister's Office site . Tony Pua lodged another police report about KPMU's (U of UMNO) Shocking View on Christianity. Tihs blogger has yet to hear any statements in reaction from component parties of Barisan Nasional (led by UMNO), MCA and MIC on these reports.

Speaking to reporters later, Madpet representative urged the police to take immediate action against Muhammad in view of their speedy investigations and eight-hour marathon interrogation of blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Police responded to Muhammad Muhammad Taib's reports against Raja Petra within two days. This blogger has not received any news updates on police's responses on Ronnie Liu's report against Office of the Prime Minister's Office and Tony Pua's report against KPMU ( U of UMNO ) even though more than two days have passed.

No action was taken on Raja Petra as he had not written any article on 11th July.

If there is any truth in the allegations by the 2 NGOs claiming the "Incitement of Racial Riot by Muhammad Muhammad Taib", the police and Internal Security Minister should take immediate action.

Since the instalment of Internal Security Act (ISA) is made to curb such riots, the right time to exercise it would be during "an incitement on racist basis". Otherwise ISA should be abolished. No exceptions or special treatment should be given to any political affiliation.

I am trying very hard to be optimistic that double standards do not exist in Malaysia.

REPORT 2: Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad: Police Report on "Bloggers will be put to sleep" SMS Lodged

On 1st August 2007, Monday, Datuk Ruhanie received a set of SMS from an anonymous person using the nickname "Hamba Allah".

Linked 1/2:
Just 4 bloggres whoever there ard w’ever shall be given stern warning drastic. Bloggers must realise they successfully been identified even will be put to sleep.
Sender: +60163929760
Sent: 1-Aug-2007, 15:53:29

Linked 2/2:
... Watch ur step take a good rest, good sleep, maybe after this u will be helpless, hopeless.
Sender: +60163929760
Sent: 1-Aug-2007, 15:53:54

To illustrate his point, Datuk Ruhanie reformed the statement into a more comprehensible form without changing its original meaning:

Linked 1/2:
Bloggres whoever and wherever they are shall be given stern warning and drastic action. Bloggers must realise that they have successfully been identified. They even will be put to sleep.

Linked 2/2:
... Watch your step, take a good rest and good sleep. May be, after this you will become helpless and hopeless.

This blogger thanks Datuk Ruhanie for being courageous. Datuk Ruhanie is not only worried about the safety of himself and people related to him. He was concerned of the security of thousands of Malaysian bloggers @ Citizens of Malaysia. Extension of gratitude to President of AllBlogs Ahiruddin Attan (Rocky's Bru) for accompanying and advice. Social service for netizens, nations and citizens well done !

POTENTIAL POLICE REPORT: Hamizi Hamdan: Victim of False Blog
Another person with the nickname "hamba Allah" (ironically) created a false blog using the e-mail of Hamizi Hamdan. Hamizi Hamdan has this to say:

" Seorang hamba Allah telah membina sebuah blog dengan meggunakan nama saya sebagai alamat blognya yang dinamakan PENDENDAM. Alamat blog baru itu adalah / .

Di dalam blog itu dipaparkan foto saya yang telah didownload dari blog-blog saya sendiri untuk memberikan gambaran seolah-olah blog baru itu adalah milik saya. Hamba Allah tersebut juga menggunakan alamat e-mail sebagai cara menghubungi penulis blog berkenaan.

Penyalahgunaan nama dan gambar saya seperti ini boleh membawa implikasi negatif kepada diri saya jika blog berkenaan memuatkan sebarang bentuk posting mengandungi unsur-unsur hasutan, provokasi atau perkauman. Kandungan blog itu juga berbahaya kepada saya jika memuatkan maklumat-maklumat yang dilindungi oleh Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA). Ini semua boleh menyebabkan saya dipersalahkan oleh pihak berkuasa.

Sagaladoola's note:
Calling All Malaysian Bloggers to be cautious !

I see this as an experiment to evaluate whether Malaysian bloggers who 'do not toe the line' can be framed and ISA-ed, OSA-ed or SA-ed. Malaysian bloggers, I am sure you know who are your friends and your enemies.

Do not hesitate to lodge a police report when you notice something fishy going on in your mails.

Such an underhanded tactic to destroy someone. All he / she needs to do is open up a blog, make the interface to look like his / her enemy, post some offensive and seditious messages, make a police report. Voila, your enemy lands you in jail.

I will urge Hamizi to lodge a report even though "hamba Allah" may remove the false blog later .

Be careful Malaysian Bloggers ! This is a dark day for all of us .... but every cloud has a silver lining .....

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