Monday, July 02, 2007

Sagaladoola Officially Joined Citizen Think Tank

I have officially met with Sean Ang and Dzul Bahrin (trustees and moderators) last Saturday (30th June 2007), the moderators of the new Citizen Think Tank organisation. Editor Anita Morah Abas was there as well. We are currently preparing for a press release.

Soon, I will be quite active in this area of the web. As an editor, I will be writing and sending a lot of posts. It is a voluntary job, which I am willing to partake in service of the community.

Before I further go on, perhaps there should be an understanding on the concepts of this organisation.

The Modus Operandi of Citizen Think Tank
Written by Administrator
Sunday, 29 April 2007

How does CTT Work?
The Citizen Think Tank consists of 2 major citizen-centric systems, the Politician Watchdog System and the Citizen Voice System. Both system compliment each other as at the end of the day, the outcomes of the Citizen Voice will be used as part of the basis for our politician rating.

The Politician Watchdog
In the Review section, you will be able to rate a particular Politician by registering as Member in the Politician Watchdog registration form. There are 2 groups of Reviewers - Users and Editors. The Users refer to anyone who signed up as an Online Member. The Editors refers to the drivers of the Citizen Think Tank and the Meet the MPs Group.

In this site, you are also able to update information about a particular MPs or ADUNs. If you wish to update a certain profile of a politician, you need to be upgraded to an Editor first. The Editors are drivers of the Citizen Think Tank who will play an active role to conduct research on all MPs in Malaysia, and provide rating based on a more rigour standards compared with the rating provided by normal online members.

The Citizen Voice
In this site, you will be able to raise an issue which affect you or your community members. In order to post an issue you need to signed up as a Member in the Citizen Voice registration form. You are also able to conduct a Poll to obtain public opinion on certain ideas that is lingering in your mind.

Once you have submitted an issue, the public will then be able to rate the issue and the suggestion to address the issue. If there is overwhelming support for an issue and the suggestion, then our Lobbyists will then fax your issue to the respective Politician. The Lobbyist assigned to the popular issue will also organize a lobby group to ensure that the issue are taken up by the respective politician.

The Citizen Think Tank plays the role as a facilitator to enhance democratic practices in Malaysia. The success of Citizen Think Tank depends on your enthusiasm to make a difference to our society. In the emerging knowledge society, it is a moral obligation of every citizen in particular those who are knowledgeable to bring about positive change in the running of the country.

Bear in mind that this is an independent website. It is neither pro nor anti-government. It is an attempt to present the contributions and blunders of MPs in a more organised form. Only with such information, citizens will be able to judge and vote for better quality MPs. These days, many Malaysians seem to be displeased with the performance of a substantial number of their MPs in the Parliament. Citizen Think Tank may spell a wake up call to them.

Both sides of the camp, the ruling party and opposition had voiced support for Citizen Think Tank. The Sassy MP, Teresa Kok (DAP-MP of Seputeh) and Ng Lip Yong (BN) had made it public in a news that was carried in a NST 10 June 2007 article.

As for MP profiling, Citizen Think Tank format may reflect a similar Malaysiakini article Teresa Kok: A woman but an effective legislator by Su Hui Hsing

So, keep on reading...

I will try to write more articles in Bahasa Malaysia.



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