Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hisham, Ultraman and Scared Kitty

Ohh dear, I spotted this news in Malaysiakini this morning ....

Hisham's warning: Hey MCA! Shut up!
Jul 21, 07 5:45pm
Umno Youth has asked its Barisan Nasional partner MCA to cease its public campaign to declare Malaysia as a secular state.
-> Hisham: Saya beri amaran
-> MCA ministers gagged?

Hishamuddin is also the Education Minister of Malaysia.

The warning came in reply to the important point that MCA Stressed: Malaysia Is A Secular State. "Malaysia is an Islamic state" Najib said previously. I wrote the article "Weeping for a Merdeka State or Islamic State?" when Malaysiakini reported that all media were told not to broadcast or feature discussions and articles concerning Najib's infamous and unsubstantiated claim.

Anyway, MCA should instead ask for an apology from Najib and Hishammuddin for such actions. If Najib and Hishammuddin think they are right about Malaysia being an "Islamic State" and "never secular", they should come clean with proof and points.

The current situation would probably lead some Chinese to think MCA as a Wonderman for being vocal and may harbour bad sentiments towards UMNO. On the other hand, some Malays, Muslims may think UMNO is another Superman for Islam and MCA, a super-villain Bizarro.

Such suspicion will not benefit anyone on this land. The right approach should be solving it and making it clear in immediacy. The solution should not come from closed door meeting with ambiguous results.

Two components in one party should not have such differences. As representatives of different races in Malaysia, these contradicting statements will potentially "Divide" the people in the lines of races. BN (of UMNO and MCA) will have to "Rule" over these divided people. Malaysia may still be "divided and ruled" after 50 years of Merdeka ! That is dangerous to Malaysia. Especially, when there are "economic pirates or thieves" intending to siphon our money away.

Do we consider a "divided and ruled" nation as being free / "merdeka"?

Malaysians can think for themselves on this matter. Even as this article is being written, Lulu (a mainstream Malaysian blogger) is analysing the issue.


Today is Sunday and it is currently raining, a nice condition for sleeping. I do not get much sleep these days. I do not sleep at work and I do not sleep in meetings. We all can guess what will happen when people sleep at work and meetings. When you are a leader it makes matters even worse. That would be equivalent to leaving the your subordinates directionless and the respective departments on auto-pilot. I do not want that to happen to anybody. Therefore, with common sense, I shall take a good rest and sleep this Rainy Sunday to avoid falling into that pathetic condition.

So, perhaps we should entertain ourselves with a few photos and internet cartoons. A picture speaks a thousand words. Few pictures speak few thousand words. Sorry for the crap that I am uttering.....

(Picture from Mob's Crib) That's what I call Ultraman Keris, or Kerisman ! Nice poster there Mobbie ....

(Picture courtesy of Lame Basket) I call that picture Freedom being Suppressed, oh, I mean, Pressed. The words mean almost the same I guess. Socially and politically we can associate it with media, speech and human rights. Great piece there from a Malaysian. Malaysia Boleh ! (and I really mean it).

Cute kitty ..... Kitty got scared when the hands that is holding it intend to press. Don't PRESS it with tough and powerful hands ! Scared Kitty will die !

(Picture from Jeff Ooi) This is a used Primary or Secondary School Education exercise book back in the 90s. Hope that Education Minister Hishamuddin Hussein still reads, understands and ensure the Rukunegara statements stay.

Rukunegara Malaysia
Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan
Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara
Keluhuran Perlembagaan
Kedaulatan Undang-undang
Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan

I love the 3rd and 5th verse. 3rd verse means "Respect the Constitution". Our Constitution promises freedom. 5th verse means "Polite and Well-Mannered". When Tunku Abdul Rahman and other racial representatives "created" Malaysia, they intended that its citizens be civilised. Of course it is almost impossible to polite all the time but at least we try to be well-mannered when the situation allows. Am I wrong to say that?

? !

Hey Kitty, kitty .... ! Hope that everyone have a nice and chilling weekend with the cool rain. Perfect weather !

Shall listen to Bjork's Vespertine album before I get some lovely snooze. Chilling and Ethereal.


mob1900 said...

I see you're a big fan of or, those kitties sure make your day!

BTW, he's more recognisable as 'Kerisman' if i put Ultra Keris Man, sure kena copyright infringement from Jap companies, lolx!

daffodils said...

This guy is behaving like a bully,frightening the little kittens.Wonder how he can solve bullying problems now rampant in the elite residential schools? Think the students take the cue from him. Leadership by example.