Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nat Tan Released: Do Not Forget This Wrongful Arrest!

Malaysiakini reported this:
"Nathaniel Tan was released on police bail today after his four day remand order expired. He was investigated for allegedly breaching the Official Secrets Act."


Similar entry can be seen in The Star newspaper today, page N27. There is a small article at the bottom left corner on Nat's release. Page 27? This is particularly strange. When Nat was arrested, The Star published his picture and news on the 2nd page.

It is relatively a good news that finally the police and government had come to their senses and do the "almost right" thing.

Almost right but not absolutely right. Why? You may ask. That is because the arrest of Nathaniel Tan was wrong in the first place ! Other than that, the release should be unconditional (without police bail)

I have covered the events and campaigned for his release. Here are my entries:

1) Nat Tan Arrested: My SMS-es to Police
2) Nat Tan, Handcuff and 50th Merdeka Logo
3) Nat Tan 2nd Candlelight Vigil Chronicles

Say No to "Arrest First, Investigate Later" and "Raid First, Talk Later"

Although Nat Tan has been released, the nation should not forget this incident. Malaysians (especially bloggers) have to let the authority know that the society does not tolerate such unreasonable action. Below are the keypoints that we should solve as a learning curve towards developing Malaysia as a nation with freedom of speech and democracy.

Negative outcomes (that should be solved):
1) A person can go "missing"/disappear for 6 hours in the free land of Malaysia.
2) A person can be selectively arrested for a link and comments by another commentator.
3) Parents and lawyers of a person under remand were not properly informed the exact time he/she will be brought to court.
4) The usage of OSA and Cyber Crimes is ambiguous for arresting bloggers for such matters.

Positive outcomes:
1) People of multi-racial and multi-religious background can put aside their differences, come together and support the freedom of speech.
2) Certain bloggers, parties and organisations are willing to campaign for other bloggers who are wrongfully arrested.

There is a Nat Tan Forum: No to a Police State in Blogosphere with The First Malaysian Blogger to be Arrested himself as a speaker.

Say No to Intimidation !

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mob1900 said...

Now the question that plays in the minds of SB and us: Who's Next?

I knew Nat was slim but didn't know the 4 days turned him skinnier, I'm going on Nasi Goreng diet!