Saturday, July 07, 2007

Citizen Think Tank: Poor Cyberjaya Bus Service

I have posted my latest voicing on Citizen Think Tank - Citizen Voice. Will be submitting this as a letter to the for publishing.

Poor Cyberjaya Bus Service

Cyberjaya RapidKL bus which is supposed to transport public transport users from the intellegent city to Putrajaya Sentral Bus Station is besieged with problems. Previously in previous months, the number 429 bus will appear at 5.10 p.m. during offices off-time. The second bus will appear around 5.35 p.m. This is a violation of the 15 to 20 minutes interval bus feeding promised by RapidKL. The regularity can be seen on banners of RapidKL buses. Starting from July it seems the waiting interval has become worse.

Two intervals of bus has been merged into 1. The 5.10 p.m. and 5.35 bus will not appear until 5.45 p.m. On 4th and 5th July 2007, I took a bus which is so full with people that literally users are sticking onto the front glass of the bus! That is what you get for squeezing people of two buses into one.

This is also a cause of concern where it is a risk to the dangers of the bus users. Another violation is the bus has taken more than its limit should. Basically, the bus drivers are having problem looking at its side and front mirrors which may result in a traffic jam.

The bus initially did not want to stop to take people from the bus stop I am in. I used a Sony Cyber-shot to take a picture and subsequently realising that, the bus driver stopped to pick us up. Sad to say, people in at least three subsequent stations was skipped. I wonder whether they have to wait for another 1/2 an hour in addition to the previous 1/2 hour violation waiting time previously. An 1 hour waiting time is a blunder in such a highly reputed city with no traffic jams. In June, Someone said they wanted Malaysia's public transport to be as good as Singapore and Hong Kong.

Have they been overseas, I wonder? Hong Kong and Singapore have a much complex system but able to handle it well. If Cyberjaya city governance can't handle a simple transport system in Cyberjaya, how will the public have confidence in the Malaysia government handling the country's successfully?

Proposed Solution:
Submit a petition from Citizen Think Tank - Citizen Voice to the governance of Cyberjaya and RapidKL. The petition should contain:
1) Problem faced by users of the transport system.
2) Seek for explanation from RapidKL on their non-compliance.
3) Seek for a solution from the governance of Cyberjaya on this issue. How are they supposed to communicate with RapidKL?
4) Request for an exact date of resolution.

I can be e-mailed at or be located at my blog. Reviews, Solutions and Ideas are welcome in Citizen Voice.


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