Monday, July 09, 2007

Officers Fumed with Steam Over "Unclean" Girl

Still recovering from a shock from an incident reported in Malaysiakini, I chanced upon this article in The Star. Marina has an entry titled "Raid First, Talk Later". Rocky Bru's entry is "Why you shouldn't go sleeveless in an entertainment outlet". Sean-the-man posted an entry, comparing the entertainment outlet singer with various Malaysian artistes.

My comments in Purple.

Singer held over dressing

IPOH: The Perak Religious Department (JAIP) has ordered a singer to appear before the Syariah Court for “exposing her body” during a performance and “encouraging immoral activities”.

Goodness, that is overdressing? I mean, seriously. I think that is a decent dress which is not too showy of "anything". What were these people thinking anyway? Do people simply get over-erected, ermmm.. over-excited just by looking at a woman's shoulder and just a tiny patch of flesh at the back? This is scary. Besides, the word "exposing her body" is so subjective. I mean the face and hands are part of the body, right? Skin is part of the body, right? Are they expecting the women in Malaysia to "cover up" like Afghan women under Taliban?

Wow, that doesn't look human to me. It looks like "how a person dresses after a nuclear holocaust". You know, that type of suit that can avoid nuclear radiation. Now, let Lil'Kim show you what is "exposing your body". Let Lil'Kim show you how you can even do it with a burqa. Way to go Lil'Kim !

However, an indignant Siti Noor Idayu Abd Moin, 22, said she was wearing a sleeveless top and long pants when JAIP officers raided an entertainment outlet in Sunway City where she was performing on Tuesday.

Entertainer: Siti Noor Idayu was dressed in a white, sleeveless, top and long black pants when the officers from the religious department raided the entertainment outlet in Ipoh and detained her on Tuesday.

Bear in mind that in these two paragraphs the writer mentioned Siti's dress twice. Why? Perhaps the writer could not believe what is happening either.

“Our band had just finished and it was a little past midnight when they came in and rounded up all the Muslims.

“They asked to see our MyKad but one officer refused to touch the cards, referring to them as najis (unclean),” she said.

It is immoral to say someone is unclean before one is sure whether she has committed any offense. Furthermore, using such words towards another is downright rude.

Siti Noor Idayu said the JAIP officers later detained seven people, including four employees of the outlet, and brought them to the department office.

“They put us in a tiny room and turned up the air-conditioner. I heard one officer tell the other: Bekulah dia orang (Let them freeze),” she said.

It is immoral to torture a person you have caught.

Siti Noor Idayu also said the male officers kept taking photographs of her, adding that she was made to stay overnight in that room until 10am.

It is immoral to frantically take pictures of a female without her consent (violation of human rights) or detain a person overnight when she has not been proven guilty of anything.

She said the officer who finally came to record her statement at 8am, accused her of consuming alcohol and drugs, being involved in immoral activities, and that her MyKad was a fake.

“I took the breathalyser test twice and when the reading remained at zero, the officers looked frustrated.

“I heard one tell the other: Tapi dia tak minum lah (But she did not drink),” she said.

It is immoral and unlawful to accuse someone of something she didn't do. One is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way round. Furthermore, the JAIP officers did not state what are the "immoral activities" committed. For all we know, the harsh treatment by this bunch of JAIP officers are immoral and possibly unlawful.

Siti Noor Idayu said an officer even told her that the money she earned working in the outlet was duit haram (illicit money) and that her parents, children and future generations would all be tainted for using such money.

Why? I mean, she is not a stripper. She is not a drug dealer/pusher. Furthermore, the government of State and Country gets the expensive taxes paid by these so called "illicit" entertainment outlets.

There was a pay raise for government officers this year. So, where does government officers like JAIP get their money from? From taxes paid by the private sector. Ironic, really ironic.

Entertainment outlets are part of the private sector. Did someone mention about "generations tainted by illicit money"? "Tainted" people cannot become religious moral officers. Did I say anything wrong with that?

“They finally wrote me a notice accusing me of dressing sexily and encouraging immorality just because I sang there,” she said.

The notice ordered her to appear before the Syariah Court here on Aug 6.

When contacted, JAIP director Datuk Jamry Sury said he was confident that his officers had not acted outside of their jurisdiction in issuing the notice.

“According to Islamic laws, a Muslim woman is not allowed to serve or entertain a man who is not her husband in a place where immoral activities usually take place,” he said.

Ohh really?! That is Islamic law? Are you sure about this, Jamry? Perhaps, JAIP director can launch a so-called "moral" task force. Is Siti Nurhaliza, the most popular singer in Malaysia liable? Don't forget to take Ella, Ning Baizura, Aishah, Ziana Zain, Sheila Majid and Noraniza Idris into consideration. I mean, they do perform in the presence of men who are not their husbands.

Furthermore, what constitutes a "place where immoral activities usually take place"? I have heard some unmarried people like to make out in the toilet, public gardens and even lecture rooms. This is such a subjective matter. If that's the case, JAIP might as well say "women cannot perform" and tie it with Islam.

Is that really Islam? From what I recall, Prophet Muhammad intended to save women from suppression, not the other way round.

Is public speaking or being a stand up comedienne a form of entertainment? Then, the women cannot be allowed to speak. Oh my, I do not know what to say.

Perhaps, JAIP and certain MPs in the Parliament can stop being sexist and treat the women with more respect. They have to understand that they come to this world from a women's womb. Without the female sexual organ, they will not be able to be created.

Nuff said...


Anonymous said...

Islamization of Malaysia is here! Dont be like the frog in boiling water. Wake up you infidels.

Sagaladoola said...

Malaysia has been Islamised many years ago.

This attempt is Arabisation, not Islamisation.

Anonymous said...

Saga, You're wrong...most Malaysian adapting Arabisation, new Muslim try to adapt Islamisation..

By example...Muslim Name with Siti is to follow Arab not Islam..because Siti means "nenek" (grandmother) in Arabic...the Old Arab calls Siti due to respect to old generation they call Siti..

To Many Arabisation will loss the true of Islam. You must correct your understanding of Islam first.

Sagaladoola said...

Malaysia has the official religion of Islam long time ago.

That is what I am saying, the action here is not the action of Islam.

The action made by the officers is the action of Arabisation (not Islam).

Besides, if you are talking about names, there is nothing wrong with her being named an Arab name. Mohammad, the name of the Prophet as well as the name of other prophets is also an Arabic name. Qur'an is written in Arabic.

Names are OK. Even Filipino Christians use the name "Sitti".

It is just that we do not want the MEDIEVAL Arabisation process.

Prophet Mohammad tried to remove/dispel MEDIEVAL Arabisation, that is why there is Islam.

Islamisation is OK, MEDIEVAL Arabisation is NOT OK.


Rauff said...

Arabisation? Why do you claim so? FYI , Muslim Women are not allowed to perform or entertain anyone in public. Her voice is indeed an aurat too. Arabs are vile and cruel people before the coming of Muhammad and Islam. I say read, read and read your facts. Don't forget to double check them might be stepping on one too many toes than you can cope.

LaidBare said...

rauff: what about siti nurhaliza?