Monday, February 25, 2008

Nomination Day for Teresa Kok (Seputeh) in Sri Petaling

Nomination Day was on Sunday, 24th February 2008. I was cordially invited by my friends to record and support Democratic Action Party (DAP). DAP is part of the Barisan Rakyat group comprising a few political parties that endorsed the People's Declaration to serve the country and all its people.

The documents on the People's Declaration can be viewed here. Haris Ibrahim and the People's Parliament are behind this meaningful initiative:

1) The People's Voice and The People's Declaration (online version)
2) The People’s Voice (PDF version )
3) The People’s Declaration (PDF version)
4) Piagam Rakyat (PDF version)
5) The People’s Declaration (Mandarin) (PDF version)

Hidup Barisan Rakyat! On 23rd February 2008 (a day before normination), representatives from various political parties (PKR, DAP, PAS etc.) had agreed and accepted the document in the Blog House, Damansara. Malaysiakini made a video recording on the historical event as well.

These are the pictures taken from Bandar Baru Sri Petaling .....

People started to gather around 7 a.m. Flags, caps and banners were distributed to everyone.

Teresa Kok's banner. People were making sure everything is ready before moving. "Jom, Ubah!" is the slogan on the banner.

The leading car started to move. As you can see everyone was enjoying themselves. The crowd threaded the car.

The crowd walked towards the nomination center. Flags were raise and cars on the road honked in support while supporters exclaimed slogans on "Change!" and "Support DAP!".

The "cheerleader" of the day. He looked experienced.

The entourage reached the nomination Sri Petaling Community Hall which functioned temporarily as the nomination center. The 2 aunties were holding DAP's emblem for Election 2008. Nomination time started at 8.00 a.m.

Teresa Kok's representative for submission of nomination. She was being interviewed by the mainstream media. There was another man meeting the officer with this lady in turquoise shirt. He moved ahead already.

Supporters waited for the procedures to complete. Objection period was from 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

View from the other side. MCA is fielding its lady candidate, Carol Chew Chee Lin, 27.

The job was completed. The representatives returned. Now everything is set for the Big Day 8th March 2008. It is Woman vs Woman on International Women's Day ! I hope the ladies will ask Pak Lah why the election was arranged to coincide with the International Women's Day.

DAP T-shirt on Loving and Saving Malaysia.

The DAP emblem and motto for Election 2008.

Event Published in Malay Mail
Malay Mail reported Teresa and Carol run for Seputeh . According to the Malay Mail: “She (Teresa Kok) doesn’t care about the people in Seputeh. She’s not even here today,” remarked several supporters of the BN at the centre.

Now, why wasn't Teresa in Seputeh. That was because she had to present herself in Kinrara for the State Seat candidate nomination.

Teresa's performance in the Parliament was brilliant. She voiced out on many matters for the community such as the nude squat issue, the highway in Sri Petaling affecting the nearby houses, the muhibbah road signboard issue, land issues, etc. etc. There were aunties who told me she sometimes would visit markets in the morning, speak with the people and ask them if there are any community issues that need to be solved.

She did all that even though her schedule was packed. Alfred Ho, the Visually-Impaired but Famous Singer oficially joined Democratic Action Party because Teresa was the only one who took the initiative to meet him.

The Seputeh community would understand that the time and date of the nomination runs in parallel all over Malaysia. It does not matter if she is "here" for the nomination. The most important thing is, she is always "here" in the Seputeh area when the people needed her as exemplified by my writings above. The contributions are always more important.

Will MCA be "there" for the community when the keris is waved with sensitive remarks spoken? Wasn't MCA the one who said it was acceptable by the Malaysian community? The least of all PKR, DAP and even PAS were "there" to discourage it.

I call for people of Seputeh to give Teresa your votes based on her good performance in the constituency. I call for people of Kinrara to give a chance to Gobind Singh (DAP , Parliamentary - Puchong) and Teresa (DAP, State - Kinrara).

Cikgu Ahmad (PAS candidate, Seri Serdang) paid a visit to Gobind and Teresa during nomination. Best wishes to Cikgu Ahmad as well.

People, please vote for Barisan Rakyat in Election 2008 ( PKR , DAP , PAS ) . There will not be any three-cornered fights. There will only be an opposition against a BN candidate at each seat.


Anonymous said...

Bravo DAP,PAS&PKR!!,Congratulations on your nominations.The battle has begun,we must win this war.We must kick out the BN goverment and form the new goverment, the time is right and it is now.We shall all get united.Malays,Chinese, Indian ,Iban ,Kadazun,Sikhs,Indonesian(?),whoever can votes to vote the Opposition in and get rid of BN for good.Cheers ,we are poise to do this, and history will be written on this change of goverment, to bring back our beloved country to the right track and direction. Lets do it, lets change it....!

Anonymous said...

To Teresa Kok & Carol Chew,

I am a voter in Seputeh. I will vote for the person who can address this concern for all future Malaysian generations:

After 50 years of Independence & more than 30 years of the NEP, Malaysia is able to send a Malay to the Space Station but Malays still cannot learn to make a fishing rod to fish. Needs to beg the government (UMNO) to provide the fish or at least 30% of the fish.

Article 153 recognizes the special position of the Malays but never in any other articles & clauses that they be continuously be provided with the fish.

How are you going to address the issue of a level playing field for ALL Malaysians if elected?

Death Note said...

Carol Chew: ooh.. i feel so lonely on nomination day cause Teresa wasn't there...