Friday, February 15, 2008

Sagaladoola's Polling Final Choice

The election draws near. Malaysiakini reported Polling on March 8. In view of the current situation where there are only 3 weeks before the election day, Sagaladoola blog now moves from the basis of NEUTRAL grounds to a point of FINAL CHOICE for 2008 ELECTION.

This is the fourth year of our "Beloved Prime Minister" Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's (Pak Lah) leadership. As a blogger a.k.a. concerned citizen of Malaysia, I would like to express my extreme displeasure and super low confidence on his Administration.

It is indeed true that this is his first term. However, this should not be an excuse for an employment of communal strategies on the society. Common sense tells me Malaysians should be encouraged to be tolerant through sincere actions.

An example of horrible hypocrisy would be in the case where one speaks of muhibbah and tolerance but on the other hand raising keris accompanied by unsuitable words, having big meetings during important celebration of other races coupled by insensitive remarks and in various occasions, use deragotary statements with underlying racialist or sexist tones against people from the same nation.

How will the nation able to rise with such problems at hand? Sleeping on the job, whether literally or physically should not be justifiably acceptable even for a first timer.

I have yet to mention the economy part and how poorly the corruption is dealt with. Perhaps I should skip the part on the judiciary and how the originally peaceful assemblies are being handled. The net provides plenty of pictures and writings about this. Crime is at large. There is inflation but are the salaries of the private sector being raised accordingly? As for the racial and religious issues I do not think it is well-managed. As for the media, is it really free or influenced or controlled by the ruling coalition? In my opinion, the media is not free. If that is the case, I can't call it Open-Government. In short, I am certainly not pleased with the way things are. Cakap Mesti Serupa Bikin.

It certainly breaks my heart when various promises are made before the 2004 election but delivery is poor. Things are made worse when one of the most important person in this nation can lie to the public even on a small matter like parliamentary dissolution date.

Not to mention I think the ruling coalition is too powerful. There should be some form of control mechanism here.

For this time around, as a citizen of Malaysia I give my support to the opposition PKR , DAP and PAS . If the Barisan Nasional wants my vote, it has to deliver. MCA and MIC should have spoken for their people (on Keris and Hindraf) when they had the chance. UMNO should not be playing with communal politics.

Time for change is here . Hmmn, one thing though... Looking at the BERSIH demands , does my vote really matter for Barisan Nasional ? Hmmn... Anyway, I have had enough. I am ready for a change.

These Nak Tak Posters seems interesting. Politicians certainly say the darndest things.

This blog shall revert to its natural NEUTRAL state after the election.

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WTF said...

What ever it is , vote for any opposition party, check and balance are the key words;remember power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!