Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pak Lah Provide "Pak Lah Report Card" for Pak Lah Admin

Have you ever provided a "report card" for yourself? I have not done it before. If you were given a chance to write a "report card" for yourself, would you write E (Poor) or F (Fail)? If you were given a chance to give marks to yourself in an exam, would you give 0% or 99.9% to 100% ?

I believe these are simple questions that I will not answer here. It is my believe that as stupid as some Malaysians can be, they will not do something disadvantageous to themselves. Perhaps that depends on perspective. Sometimes, there are things we do that we think is advantageous to us but it turns out to be the contrary.

Referring to The Star : Pak Lah provides favourable account on administration’s performance , which is also reported in Malaysia Today .

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has given a favourable “report card” on the performance of his administration since the last general election in 2004.

Expressing his satisfaction, the Prime Minister said most policies had been implemented and projects were on track.

“We have carried out our duties and responsibilities on many things desired by the people. The ministers have implemented many policies that take into consideration issues that are important to the people and attract their attention.....

I wonder whether Pak Lah read the reports and articles posted by Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today. Does Pak Lah read the writings of bloggers a.k.a. citizens of Malaysia?

My parents and teachers used to tell me "respect is earned", "praise is given" (by others of course and not by oneself). When it comes to silliness, stupidity and idiocy, there is never a limit in Bolehland.

As many blunders that Dr M made, I cannot recall any point of time he wrote his own report card.

Be afraid, be very afraid. Good luck, Malaysians...

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