Friday, February 29, 2008

Election 2008 : Kelab Maya Barisan Rakyat

The Big Day of Election 2008 is 1 week away. I was reading updates from Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today. I noticed an important comment on the Malaysia Today Trapped in a pickle of their own making :
written by shamadz72, February 29, 2008 13:48:02
Up until today, I have managed to print and distribute around 2,500 opposition flyers. Personally, I have distribute around 700 pamphlets and the rest was distributed by other netters who have personally emailed me to help me with the distribution. I would like to personally thank mr. Rajan who has volunteered to help distributing 400 pamphlets.

Anyway, I already started to have a back ache due to the task of preparing the pamphlets and today another bad news happened. My photocopy machine a Ricoh Alfio 200 started to run out of toner. So I will just have to depend on my faithful Canon LBP2900 mono laser jet printer to do the task until I can get my photocopy toner by next week.

Nevertheless, today I got another encouraging support while distributing the flyers at Giant Puchong. One Chinese chaps call me from behind. I thought surely someone is not happy considering that I am distributing it close to Gerakan Office and he probably want to warn me from distributing what he might consider as his turf. To my surprise with one hand holding my flyers, he give me a thumbs up with another hand. It is a small gesture but this kind of good gesture from other Malaysian really give me strength to carry on.
As for those who want to volunteer distributing the pamphlets, please email me This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and for those who want to download and distribute themselves, please refer to .

There are tons of fact on corruption, statistic figures on crime, petrol charges and tol charges. You can always use any editing software to edit the pamphlets to suit your target readers.

Ok guys. Let us keep up our good work and together we reclaimed back this country!


I opened up and saw this statement :

"Daripada Kelab Maya Barisan Rakyat: Kebenaran yang terserlah…untuk menghantar bahan kempen, sila emailkan kepada "

Go to the bottom right side of the page. There are plenty of distributable items there, either by mail or in physical printed form.

Ladies and gentleman, it seems someone has taken the initiative to do something for the nation ! Syabas, Shamadz72 ! People, please help out with something as simple as this - View them before distributing.

Malays, Chinese, Indians Unite ! Barisan Rakyat - PKR , DAP , PAS !

Meanwhile, I found myself shortlisted by MyCen News ( ) in the "Socio-Political Blogs / Bloggers / Commentary" category. Check it out.

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