Sunday, November 11, 2007

BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 1

Malaysiakini reported Bersih plays cat-and-mouse with cops
by Beh Lih Yi and Syed Jaymal Zahiid Nov 10, 07 8:38pm
Bersih rally The organisers apparently hookwinked the police by telling the protesters to march directly to Istana Negara, instead of going to Dataran Merdeka.

The four points demanded by BERSIH for a clean / fair election :
1) Usage of Indellible Ink
2) Clean-up of Voters Registration
3) Abolition of Postal Votes
4) Access to the Media

Judging by the large number of people that turned up, it seemed not only BERSIH are making the demands. The Rakyat (citizens) wants a clean election too. It is with great disappointment that Pak Lah said he supports Genuine Democracy. How about the reasonable demands from BERSIH and the Rakyat? My dear Pak Lah, after all, if there are too many discrepancies or issues with elections, that would not be genuine. That would be Sham Democracy.

If Pak Lah has problems with BERSIH demands, then I would really want to know why?

Isn't he supposed to be supporting genuine democracy?

Most participants of the Yellow Wave event wore the BERSIH T-shirt. There were variants of course, but the four points of BERSIH demands stay.

Taken from LRT station Bandaraya. The sky darkened. Heavy rain ensued later. The red coloured shirt people were those from Unit Amal. Kudos to them. Good work in controlling the big crowd.

Yellow March for Agong and Clean Election begans around 2.20 p.m.

A big crowd was heading towards Istana Negara.

Participants braved through the storm. Nothing would stop them in getting a clean election. Bukit Aman is in the background.

Police officers were standing by the side of the road. No one was allowed into Dataran Merdeka, which is located behind the Royal Selangor Club as seen in the background.

Participants from Bandaraya passed by the 2nd meeting point, Masjid Negara. 2 crowds merged into one. Cars honked in support of the BERSIH rally. I chatted with folks from Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan. Many guys in their twenties marched. Some told me their parents attempted to discourage them but they persisted.

This helicopter was hovering above the rally all the time.

By this time, the Central Market, Masjid Jamek, Masjid Negara and Bandaraya crowd had become one. Look at the stream as it went to Istana Negara for the memorandum submission.

I was taking some time to enjoy the scene too. History was in the making. The BIGGEST RALLY IN MALAYSIA to date. I am part of history !

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VHanded Cheepeng said...

Second part please!

mob1900 said...

Syabas to all 40k participants who represents every concerned rakyat who couldn't be there.

We can even thank the PM for deploying so many law enforcement units to make this event a huge success. Without the water-cannons and teargas, it wouldn't have make it into past the sports section.

Rockybru said...

Nice pics, beb!

A publisher told me last night there should be a book - a pictorial - on the Yellow march for free and fair elections.
Of course, the pics should be attributed to the bloggers who took them.

Pls alert me on the 2nd part of your posting!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is not only historic, it crate denials and avoiding the reasonable demand for foundation of Democracy which is transparency in electing a Government, the Prime Minister suggesting a slant at DYMM YDPA in oblique by declaring the Istana was dragged by the Opposition into political affiliations. It only shows a fear of Yellow and holding into power by conniving, manipulation and unfair advantages. (Hope they will not ban anything YELLOW e.g. Digi Corporate colour, Yellow Pages directory and others including yellow colour public bus services...LOL)

Anonymous said...

KUDOS! 40k brave M'sians...

p.s. There's also BERSIH supporters in the police force... noted the traffic police in YELLOW... lol.

zamyx said...

congrats to all. I never made it to the rally but stuck nearly 4 hours just trying to enter kl. by the way, dont anyone wants to take an initiative to sell or distribute a BERSIH car sticker.. i would love to stick one on my car. eat it pak lah!

Anonymous said...

What kind of pics are these. u say there were 40000 but does any of this pic says even 10,000...dont bullshit anarchist are alwyas a minority in any society. the dissatisfied the homos the homeless...etc..

Anonymous said...

Hey mob Tuesday, November 20, 2007 2:18:00 AM , to answer your questions:

Q: What kind of pics are these.
A: These are BERSIH rally pics.

Q: u say there were 40000 but does any of this pic says even 10,000...dont bullshit yourself..
A: Read this by Reuters: Malaysia deputy PM says will not tolerate protests

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak issued the warning after police in the capital used tear gas and water cannon to break up a rally of about 10,000 people demanding electoral reform last weekend. It was the largest street protest in a decade.

Well, on the 10,000 people part, how did Reuters get the estimate? Besides, how do they know it is 10,000 people when it could be 40,000 ? The Reuters article does not even have the pics to boot.

I would put the estimate around 40,000. Oh yeah, I hope you are not saying Reuters is bullshitting about the 10,000 figure, yeah, they are international and one does not have to depend on Malaysian papers who display only a picture of traffic jam to say the crowd is only 4,000 (How does one decide is 4,000 when there is no picture? Hahaha, isn't that bullshit?)

Q: you anarchist are alwyas a minority in any society. the dissatisfied the homos the homeless...etc..

1) Freedom to assemble is a human right. Freedom of expression (dissatisfaction) is a human right as well.

2) This is a peaceful rally. Anarchists take up guns in the street and loot. Rally participants were peaceful. Allegedly reported on the net, police used tear gas and chemical-laced water on peaceful participants

3) Who made the homeless, homeless? Go and take a look at the Kampung Berembang and Kampung Rimba Jaya.

Read these:
Chaos reigns in Kg Berembang
Kg Rimba Jaya fracas

So, tell me, who is the controlling the stated in Malaysiakini, City Hall (Dewan Bandaraya) and Municipal Council (Dewan Perbandaran)? It is definitely not from any BERSIH organisers. Why bring that up? Aren't those Malay kampungs with some minority races?

Anonymous said...

Hi mob Tuesday, November 20, 2007 2:18:00 AM ,

As for demonstration, is this anarchism in 1957? I do not think or consider it as anarchism. It is for the best interest of the nation.

A lesson in history

Look at the pictures ... This is how Malaysia gain independence. Ask UMNO. They will tell you.

Looking at this example. So, what makes BERSIH rally an anarchism? It is also for the best interest of the nation. I don't understand.