Sunday, November 18, 2007

An " Accident " to Press Freedom

Malaysiakini reported Unruly Umno members punch photographer .

( Picture taken from Screenshots )

Scary, isn't it? Well, that is only half of the story. There is something even scarier to come..

Here it comes...

Regarding the incident related to the photo above, The Star published a piece of news. This is the important excerpt :

Cheras Umno head chief Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshi said that it was an accident.

He said DAP Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai had come with a few journalists to the front of the Cheras Recreational Centre, which housed the Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras and Cheras Umno office.

Syed Ali, who is also the foundation chairman, said an Umno member came out to ask why they were taking pictures of the building.

He claimed Tan then provoked the Umno members, who became upset and asked everyone to leave.

“It became tense and there was pushing and shoving. In the process, one of my people accidentally hit the photographer.

Accident? Excuse me? That is an accident? Hahaha, dear me, that's pretty profound. Now, let's take a closer look at the "Accident" .... Now I found that word quite becoming.. Hahaha

( Picture taken from Screenshots )

Oh, "Accident"? Hmmn, I mean, how? Malaysians should feel happy and lucky that it was not reported that the reporter's face accidentally hit the fist of another person. Goodness gracious, if that's the case, it would definitely be a much more serious, ahermmmm, "accident".

Anyway, it does not matter if it is a (real) blow to Press freedom or an ermmmm "Accident", the person as well as the party whose member has got his hands into the photo and onto the face of another person must apologise.

It does not matter who make any form of provocation first or last. The person who hits another first (whoops, again I missed the word "accidentally"... hehehe) would be in the wrong. The party should demand its member who, ermmmm "accidentally" hit the photographer, to make a public apology.

Errmmm, "Accidentally" hitting someone from the press is a serious matter especially if it involves someone from the ruling party of the government. Apologising and promising that such an incident shall never happen again is an ethical thing to do. The only way to make this public is through a press conference. One should lead by good example (provided if there is any).

Seriously, Malaysians should read these blogs regarding the ermmmm, "accident" for more information :

1) Jeff Ooi : Violence against journalist... Umno style
2) Guangming Employee Punched by Umno, Slapped by MCA
3) What a Lulu : Speechless, Lulu Is Speechless
4) Rocky's Bru : A (real) blow to Press freedom

The bespectacled reporter in the picture is Mr. Koh Chun Seng from Guangming Daily. A police report was lodged.


Anonymous said...

The Focus?
Was the topic on Public fund and Land in problems?
So when someone said it was private was it a good answer?
Or, why UMNO remained specified a clear cut?
Or, why no authority clarifies when the topic is still in mud?
Or, Star knows not which authority
but only UMNO to speak?

The reporter was punched so truth also being punched from UMNO's mouths!
Was the "accident" in the street
where "private" was preached!
Any more Public hiding "Private"?
in other streets?

Hope the punch wake up more reporters to the front.
Truth cannot be punched!
UMNO still owe the Public what to be done!!

galadriel said...

Here's a thought. Umno machais being the gangsters is nothing new. They act as if they own the country.

Look a little deeper in this case. Tan Kok Wai has a very pertinent issue to bring up. The area had many community halls. Now, Umno is going about acquiring public land via City Hall in strategic areas, especially in Opposition constituencies and turn it into a an Umno activity centre that automatically excludes non-Malays, eben in areas where non-malays are majority.

The issue will be the legality of such land usage. Check it out mate.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

An accident? Mmmm.....maybe:

a) Umno thugs thought the reporter was an opposition member, hence he accidentally punched the reporter

b) The punch was meant for someone else, but accidentally misdirected to the reporter?