Sunday, November 11, 2007

BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 3

Malaysiakini reported Organisers hail rally a success
by Fauwaz Abdul Aziz on Nov 10, 07 9:33pm
Bersih rally Despite attempts to spook the public from participating in the Bersih rally, 40,000 people turned up today in the largest show of force since the reformasi protests a decade ago.

Tien Chua of PKR updating participants on the current status.

Hadi Awang of PAS addressing those that came.

( Picture from the __earthinc )
Anwar Ibrahim of PKR making an entrance with Lim Kit Siang of DAP and Khalid Ibrahim.

Anwar Ibrahim gave a little speech. The memorandum has been submitted by Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan.

The job was done. The crowd was ready to disperse peacefully. Throughout the whole rally, Malaysians were well-behaved. It is certainly strange that a Certain Somebody could say rally will "never be peaceful". From what I learnt, only police used water cannons and tear gas on the peaceful BERSIH participants @ Rakyat.

The crowd left the scene only to reveal a substantial number of police and trucks guarding the front of Istana Negara.

A massive traffic snarl on the road as human and vehicles prowl the street collectively.

A funky guy made some funny moves using his yellow bulldozer in support of the BERSIH event. BERSIH participants were amused. A large number of those who did not walk in the rally would like a clean election too. Maybank building, KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) are in the background.

Some of the people walked to Dataran Merdeka, some to KL Central and others towards Central Market.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Obviously, I have more than one here. You can find more in the net.

Yes, BERSIH rally is a success ! We have created History !

Congratulations, Good Work, Malaysians !

You have braved the storm and conquered your fears !

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FFT said...

Thanks for the pics. The bulldozer guy made my day.

Anonymous said...

It's a mighty shame that I just couldn't take part in the rally due to medical reasons...

anyway I'll just have to stick to watching the videos posted on Youtube...haha!

Anonymous said...

My utmost RESPECT to the attendees on Nov 10th. You guys created not only history, but given ppl hope... hope for a better M'sia....


gnute said...

Thanks for the photos and commentary. Yeah, loved the bulldozer action ;)

Anonymous said...

TQ Bersih for your hard work and I want to say that the police is creating the troubles and not the peoples and shame to the ruling party who just don't want a clean goverment.


Anonymous said...

Shame to the goverment and polices who has create so problems for the people. I can see it is the police who creating the troubles.


Anonymous said...

The people shouldn't be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of the people.

Anonymous said...

ish3..its very shame to have this kind of situation in m'sia..what do these people really want???