Sunday, November 11, 2007

BERSIH: The Yellow Wave (Pics) Part 2

Malaysiakini reported 40,000 protest for free and fair elections
Nov 10, 07 8:16am
Bersih rally 40,000 protesters massed outside Istana Negara this afternoon, facing off against riot police in defiance of a government ban on the rally calling for clean and fair elections.

A few steps away from reaching Istana Negara. Just after the bridge is the roundabout to the final destination.

BERSIH participants enjoying every step of the way. Some were chatting while there were those who enjoyed the city view.

In the background is Istana Negara. We have just reached the roundabout !

This road is originally meant for cars.

The Yellow Wave have reached Istana Negara. People was sitting down while the memorandum was being submitted by organisers of BERSIH.

Daulat Tuanku ! Daulat Tuanku !

An organiser was thanking citizens for being concerned with the nation. It was said that, at the same time, activists for democracy were demonstrating in front of Malaysian embassies in several countries (Thailand, India, etc.) demanding for electoral reform.

FRU in the background. Everyone was reminded that the rally was to be maintained at all times peaceful. Typically, Malaysians are peaceful people.

Hidup Rakyat ! Hidup Rakyat ! BERSIH ! BERSIH !

Balloons galore. The storm had become a drizzle.

Reporters and photographers climbed up the construction to get better pictures of this Historical Moment.

Sea of Yellow has created a new chapter in History. The crowd is so large (40,000) that the view went all the way into the sublime. There you go , we are now part of History !

Daulat Tuanku ! Hidup Rakyat ! BERSIH, BERSIH ! Allahu Akbar !

Malaysians, you have made it !

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Anonymous said...

Great work there. Now this stupid Barisan Nasional leaders are saying the walk is an Opposition Walk even though it is non-partisan.

Village Idiot Nazri Aziz say opposition are pondans...

Fairy Spring said...

Hi, I'm dropping by to say hi and also to ask if I can use some of your pictures for my blog?? Those from the Nov 10 march. Please let me know soon. Thank you.