Sunday, June 03, 2007

Malaysian Government, Daredevil, Hell's Kitchen and Kingpin?

Do you know that Malaysian politics is very much like Oscar movies such as "The Departed" and "Godfather" ?

Is Malaysian politics also similar to comics?

This is what I felt when I read this article from Malaysia Today, titled "Malaysia’s organised crime syndicate: all roads lead to Putrajaya".

Daredevil, Hell's Kitchen and Kingpin

Anyone remember "Daredevil" the movie adapted from comic? Do you remember that it was banned at the very last minute for a nonsensical reason?

The story is about this Underworld Leader whose name is Wilson Fisk, nicknamed Kingpin. He literally had everyone under his nose including the government and police department.

In "light" he is a powerful CEO of a corporation. In "dark" he is a powerful underworld organisation head.

He owns both sides of the coins. It is up to his whim and fancy to throw it around and make sure he makes himself rich.

Perhaps, the Kingpin and his cohorts are the only truth from the comics that reflects reality.

Until now, we do not get to see anyone such as DAREDEVIL to "clean up" the streets. Maybe it exists in comics after all as fantasy.

Another similar movie-adapted-from-comic is "Sin City", which is not shown in cinemas here.

May God Care For Us and Take Proper Action

Apart from that, I have heard from friends that Ecstasy and other Casual Drugs (street name is Chem) are making rounds in various night spots. Last year was sort like introduction. The distribution is definitely heavier this year.

There should be no blaming on any race. It is a national issue, nothing to do with race.

I really do not know what to say. I am very disappointed although it is no surprise. I do not know how true the article is but I do hope that God intervenes if the government is corrupt.

Seriously, I want to do something but do not know what can a mere small-time common tax-paying Malaysian citizen do to these suckers.

In this hopeless situation, I pray to God Almighty for his guidance.

Hope God does "something" to the people who make money out of misery of others (force people to become prostitutes) to pay in big time one day.

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Antares said...

A bit of clear thinking will reveal that the extremely high profitability of drug dealing stems from the illegality factor. Make anything "illegal" and its market price will shoot up. In almost every instance, crime and law enfocement work hand in glove for the benefit of the kingpins and masterminds - who are all "Daredevil" types. For instance, to become a billionaire, make sex illicit and then invest in the porn industry. Imagine what would happen if everything became decriminalized? The cops would be out of a job - which would free them to improve their minds and find honest and constructive occupation. Do you think there will be a dramatic increase in drug abuse? Perhaps initially... but very quickly these health-destroying substances will cease to be interesting to young people as a symbol of rebellion against the status quo, and drug manufacturers will diversify into other activities, simply because the price of all drugs will fall to unprofitable levels. Those already addicted will no doubt continue their habits - but at least they won't be forced into prostitution or dishonest acts just to support their addiction. In fact most would probably continue leading "normal" lives... until they outgrow the need for biochemical crutches... or successfully resolve their emotional and psychological problems. Because they would not be stigmatized as criminals or "drug fiends" they will then have the option of voluntarily requesting therapy and, hopefully, reclaim their lives once again.