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Malaysia Boleh Bodoh and the MCA Slumber

Bolehland, Bodohland Malaysia
Malaysia Today published an article by Michael Backman titled "With this cash I thee wed: here comes the bribe".

This is an excerpt of what he wrote:
"In the column, I said that Malaysian government waste wasn't "Malaysia boleh" (the national slogan that means "Malaysia can") but "Malaysia bodoh" ("bodoh" translates as stupid.) The column was emailed pretty much to anyone with an email account.

Many in Malaysia have taken to referring to government waste and poor decision making as coming from "Bodohland".

How apt, how true. Further in his article, he talked about the various corruption cases in Malaysia and the way in which they were handled. It is really worthwhile to read his writings. After all , corruption is handled in the most ironic way in "Bolehland", I mean "Bodohland".

There is not much difference between the term "Bolehland" and "Bodohland". We "can"/"boleh" spend so much of money sending first Malaysians to space just to make "teh tarik" and play "congkak". Isn't that a "stupid"/"bodoh" approach? Other countries send scientists to space to make studies that will benefit mankind. We, Malaysian taxpayers and the government belong to the "Bodoh" category. There should not be no excuses there. After all, we are footing up a hefty million dollar bill to enable the world to laugh at our immature government and ridiculous pride.

To top it off, there were even speculations that the SMS method a la "American/Malaysian Idol" would be used to decide on who gets to be the first Malaysian in space. That has never been done in the world. Other countries choose the best candidate based on technical, health and knowledge credentials. Malaysia Boleh !!! and Bodoh too ...

Remember, we are not making our own spaceships. We are just taking another person's "bus" (Russian rocket) up to space. We are paying a very expensive "bus fee". Anyone could do that. A Japanese millionaire paid for his space vacation even before we send ours. Ohh, that would now mean that we "boleh" (can) spend money for useless escapades but "tak boleh (can't) make our own spaceships.

The world "Boleh" in Malaysia is slightly twisted as you will realise. We "can"/"boleh" do things that others have never done before (most of the time with gigantic financing) but produce products or so-called "achievements" of insignificant value to society. What is all this bull/crap about "biggest pizza" or "biggest teabag" in Malaysia? People are "stupid"/"bodoh" enough to regard it as something to be proud of.

It is utterly disappointing to have a foreigner Australian to remind us of our problems rather than realising and solving it ourselves as Malaysians. Perhaps, Michael Backman is more worthy of becoming a citizen of our country rather than our own Malaysians.

Sleeping MCA MP's
MCA said "Give feedback through proper channels to fight crime", reported The Star. There were arrests at Johor’s anti-crime protest in front of Johor Chief Minister's residence. The police arrested two SUARAM members after the demonstration. Johor Bahru (JB) citizens are living in fear. JB is now the crime capital of Malaysia.

There is even an Online Petition to pressure our "Bodohland" government to take action.

The Opposition, Lim Guan Eng has something to say about this matter. Remove DSP Leow Kian Heong from the crime prevention unit of Johor.

"At the public dialogue organized by the Johor Baru Tionghua Federation on Sunday, Leow had insulted the audience and Chinese community by saying that the crime situation in Johor is not alarming but had improved instead by 8% as compared to last year. Leow blamed the Chinese press for giving extensive coverage to crime stories that gave the impression of a deteriorating crime situation unlike the English/Malay press that do not have such reports. He even called on not the public not to racialise and politicize the issue.

Johor state crime prevention unit DSP Leow Kian Heong should stop talking like Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

This is the latest spat of crime in Johor. Johor Criminals Chase and Ram Car, Rape Girl (and Another Gang Rape On Next Day).

This is what MCA has to say:
MCA leaders will continue to give feedback and the views of the community to the Government through the proper channels to ensure that effective measures will be carried out to combat crime,” he (MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting ) told a press conference after the meeting."

As a representative of the Malaysian Chinese, that is the sort of "Bodoh" statement that the president has to say. Crime cases have been escalating in Johor since Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah) becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Johor Crimes were written as HEADLINES in major chinese newspapers all along. Everyone on the street, and I mean not only Johor knows that state is a Crime Capital.

What sort of crap is he saying that "MCA will continue to give feedback and views of the community"? Where are these so-called MCA leaders all along ? Too "busy" sleeping enjoyably in their high-class residence that they do not read the papers? Too "busy" making money? I thought MCA is a social association, not a business association? I thought MCA has a lot of MPs being voted by these eventual victims of crime? Where are they? Sleeping?

These Members of Parliaments (MPs) should know what is happening in their community. That is the "proper channel" of their job. If they are not aware, that would be they are not doing their job, therefore should be called to resign.

When is MCA going to request the police to release the SUARAM members, the brave people who fought for the rights of the Johor citizens? These SUARAM members have done something, which MCA by right, should have done ! Malaysia Kini reported that Suaram condemns police action on this matter. Criminals are the ones who should be arrested, not those who speak up against crime !

Tionghua means the Chinese race in the Hokkien dialect. The fact that Johor Bahru Tionghua association has to take matters by ways of protests and petition prove that the community no longer has confidence in MCA and the police force.

Ng Yen Yen, the representative of Chinese women in Malaysia were against the so-called "little dragon ladies" from China. Sexistly, she said, these people would wreck Malaysian families. How about this matter? Crime will wreck families too. Most crime victims in Johor are women. Women are gang-raped. This is even worse than "dragon ladies". Now where is she?

Perhaps, people like Ong Ka Ting, Chua Soi Lek and Ng Yen Yen "boleh" continue with their elegant slumber. It will definitely be a "surprise" if they win in landslides in the next election.

Sleep well, sleep tight, my fellow so-called "leaders" of the "Bodohland". MCA will pay the price.

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Anonymous said...

"Kill The Idea Of Cops"

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Wake-up! Am I, and my small group of public safety and security professionals the only ones who see what's coming here in America folks?
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