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Anti-ISA: Adopt Italian, Australian Anti-Terrorism Law Instead

A blogger by the name of "Mat Keris" repeatedly emphasised that Internal Security Act (ISA thereon) should be retained to counter terrorism from certain deviant groups who use the name of "Islam". The discussion is still commencing in the comments section of Malaysia Today article "Riot at Kamunting".

All in all, I oppose ISA as a method to counter terrorist activities. I had written an article in the past requesting citizens to strongly call for the abolishment of ISA, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall".

Below are my responses to "Mat Keris" on the issue at hand.

Italian and Australian Anti-Terrorism Laws Are More Effective Than USA and Israeli ISA

-> ISA failed to counter terrorism.
-> Anti-Terrorism Law is the Best Alternative to replace ISA.
-> How did Italians and Australians catch terrorists without any eminent attacks in public?

Mat Keris said:
If an abstract artist (me) can’t understand how a simple solution like “setting alternative news site” can eliminate terrorism, u seriously think the mass could comprehend your “abstract” proposal like "a murder can be proven without a corpse by mere “interrogation and investigation”? Which Malaysian law are u referring to and how, may I ask?

Hi Mat Keris,

1) Alternative website cannot eliminate terrorism. Why are you saying that it can? No one said it can but only you.

2) Darling Mat Keris, before the commitment of any terrorist activities there would be plans, documents, bombs, weapons, or anything chemical in preparation for that exercise. So, darling Mat Keris, that was how ITALIANS use their anti-terrorism laws to interrogate, check, charge and sentence the North African men on the verge of committing the terrorist attack.

How do they do that without a "corpse"? How do they charge someone in court (unlike ISA) without a terrorist attack? That is what and why Malaysia has to learn from them.

Otherwise, how would Italians and Australians catch these people. Italians and Australians think out-of-the-box. They have other approaches (other than ISA) that has been proven to be effective. That is why Malaysia should learn from Italy and Australia.

Again, I repeat, bear in mind, that with the anti-terrorism law (not Internal Security Act), the terrorist attack was foiled. Italy and Australia was warned of attacks in 2004 and 2005 and both managed to grab hold of those in the plan before any attacks.

So far, Italians and Australians have been successful with using the anti-terrorism law to counter potential terrorist attacks. Again, I ask, do we hear of any attacks in their homeland until now? Again, I repeat, no.

Whereas, again, I repeat, USA and Israel have ISA, but look at them, so many terrorist attacks. ISA to counter terrorist attacks? Not a good solution. Not even effective.

Again, I repeat, Italians effective anti-terrorism (compared with USA and Israel's ISA) is humane and fair. Italians give proper trial and chance for the North African men to defend themselves before sentencing them to imprisonment.

Again, I repeat, the difference between ISA and Italian (and Australian) anti-terrorist law is the fairness level. ISA imprison without trial and not effective to counter terrorism, therefore should be abolished whereas anti-terrorism and criminal laws in Italy and Australia allows defense and trial.

Again, I repeat, that is why, Malaysia should not follow the style of USA and Israel (because ISA is ineffective to counter terrorism) but learn and emulate Italy and Australia's effective criminal and anti-terrorism laws.

Again, I repeat, how else do we know it is effective? Italy and Australia without ISA has managed to foil so many potential terrorist attacks in their homeland where ISA countries failed.

Did you read the website given? No, right. That is why, keep on asking for spoon-feeding even when the food is given is not a healthy thing to do.

When people give you website, read it and understand. When people give you answer, read the website. Don't make people explain, repeat and repeat.

P.S. So, perhaps you can read this:

Read, yeah and remember.

To say they proved the murderer without the corpse is a bad example. Maybe you can try asking the Italians and Australians how they managed to foil several plans of terrorist attack WITHOUT having the terrorist attack the places intended. Use the example that I gave and ask them.

If we do not know how they do it, we should LEARN from them.

So far, their anti-terrorism legislation approach is succesful without invoking ISA. ISA countries like USA failed miserably in countering terrorism. Of course, they used ISA to gag people and stuff like that.

Yes, ask them and please do research as well. I hope you are not blindly supporting an unjust law.

Which part you do not understand again?

3) Don't opt for suicide. Do research, instead.... Learn from fair laws. Don't use tyrant laws just because it is easy.

4) Malaysian law does not have such anti-terrorism laws of course. They prefer to group it under the ineffective, draconian law called ISA. Mat Keris, do you know that Acts like ISA can be abolished in ISA? Do you know that laws like Italians and Australians Anti-Terrorism Laws can be made in the parliament with a majority supporting it?

So, why are you asking a question like this: "Which Malaysian law are u referring to and how, may I ask?"

Do you understand it when I say Malaysia has to learn from Italians and Australians anti-terrorism laws for this matter? I have said it many times. Do you understand Malaysian parliamentary procedures?


Anti-Terrorism Is Not Anti-Islam

Dear Mat Keris,

I am against terrorism especially those who use the name of Islam to massacre.

However, still, I support the use of a new effective anti-terrorism law (similar to Italy's and Australia's)rather than maintaining a draconian and ineffective ISA.

Italy and Australia, first world countries formulate such laws in an indiscriminate manner. For them, the law was made to counter any form of terrorist attacks regardless of race, religion or sex.

The current problem is, coincidentally, majority of terrorism arises from people who uses the name of Islam.

If there is a possibility that Christians / Buddhists / Hindus commit terrorist attacks in the future, the laws would be used as well. There should be no discrimination in thinking.

ISA should not be maintained just for the sake of one religion. It is not a just, social or first world thinking.

Let's move to the first world with a first world mentality. We should not imprison people without trial (regardless of any race, religion or sex).


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