Monday, June 11, 2007

Underworld, RMP, Malaysian Government: An Unholy Trinity?

The roaches are scurrying and the rats are hurrying, according to Malaysia Today.

I have just finished reading up a detailed article in Malaysia Today on the unholy alliance between the Chinese organised crime syndicate and the Royal Malaysian Police. I am not sure on how true the acussation and various documents provided is, but generally many visitors to the site seemed to believe.

The article is the second part to the article "Malaysia’s organised crime syndicate: all roads lead to Putrajaya". Everybody knows Putrajaya is the centre of administration for Malaysia. Is this what we call the unholy trinity (Underworld, RMP and Putrajaya)?

I have written my opinions on the first part in "Malaysian Government, Daredevil, Hell's Kitchen" article. Let's hope the stories about the syndicates are not true.

Politics is all about perception. With or without proof, if people on the streets believe this government and administrative bodies is wicked, that would signify that the ruling party has managed poorly. If it is US of A, the current ruling party will definitely be kicked out and be replaced by the opposition. In Malaysia, it is quite impossible for this to happen with our poor election machinery, citizens' endless suspicion on the voting system and scandals around so-called phantom voters and "postal" voting. Not to mention that all political parties in Malaysia are divided along racial or religious lines. It would be almost impossible for Malaysians to collaboratively vote a party other than Barisan Nasional (BN) to govern.

These days, crime is prevalent. I have heard from my friends staying in Kepong of weekly robberies. Two weeks ago, my friend was on the scene of a mugging. Two muggers approached the driver of a Toyota Fortuna with a parang and a gun. The driver was shot dead on the spot during the struggle to escape. Another week before, a pharmacy was robbed. Kepong folks are thinking of reviving their "Rukun Tetangga". Would that be a feasible solution?

How in the world did the muggers grab hold of a gun you may ask. In the 80s and 90s, we barely hear of such a thing. Having a gun is a serious offence. One can be charged under ISA for possession of a bullet let alone a gun! How did they get it?

Areas like Sri Petaling and Kepong frequently experience break-in attempts. These folks are not even close to rich. Sri Petaling took action by employing 2 security guards to patrol their area during the night. I still have the notion that this should be a police department job

In Johor, robberies and snatch thieves are common. It was said, snatch thieves will slash you whether you fight back or otherwise before fleeing away with your belongings. In other states, ecstasy can be easily bought in clubs. Isn't government supposed to protect us from all this?

Reading RPK's article in Malaysia Today only to be told that those we are supposed to depend on are potentially the ones betraying us is certainly hard to bear. Let's pray that what he said is not true.

Few years back, Putera UMNO of the ruling party BN made a move to recruit local biker gangs known as Mat Rempit. It is a surprise step considering the fact that there are criminal cases involving Mat Rempit.

There is a scandal involving murdered Mongolian Altantuya and a high-profile politician in Malaysia.

The current "movement" in the courts without proper explanation made "Malaysia's justice system a casualty"

Guang Ming Daily will be sued by Michael Chong. The paper labelled him as "King of Ah Long" (King of Loan Sharks) purportedly with some "reasons".

Remember, remember the 5 million scandal and Johari Baharum Minister? Remember Kong Cho Ha's (Deputy Minister of Science and Technology) brother?

Remember the “Jackie Chan” of Malaysia?

Do not forget the ACA chief Zulkipli Mat Noor and Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman scandal.

What about the Port Klang Assemblyman, Zakaria Mat Deros?

What is becoming of Malaysia? How much longer can we accept all these? Can we still depend on the police, ACA, MPs and government to protect us?

Good luck, Malaysia and Malaysians.....

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