Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Polar Bear and Walking Sticks Story: Am I Guilty? How Can That Be?

Original Mandarin text from Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew Daily

Translation based on Bahasa Malaysia text from Malaysia Today:

"Adakah saya bersalah? Bagaimana pula begitu?"



Am I Guilty? How Can That Be?

"I am not the person behind the 'Clone AP'. Maybe my son did it."

"Besides, I do not think it is possible for my son to be behind the 'Clone AP'. He is not intelligent enough. He does not learn from me otherwise I would have given him a few tips."

Those are the statements of Senator Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani.

There is truth that 'Clone AP' comes out from the Senator's company. However, he claimed that they had nothing to do with it based on the reason that the company is managed by his Son.

So with that, is it true that his Son is responsible for all the 'Clone AP'?

The senator denies, saying that his Son does not have the skills to do it.

So, does that mean all this disgusting business means have nothing to do with both Father and Son?

Are they guilty? How can that be?


Member of State Parliament (ADUN) Zakaria Md Deros had built a palace for himself on a low cost housing area.

It covers more than 40,000 square feet land there, which is worth about RM1.5 million in the market. Zakaria had bought the land through special connections on a price of a few hundred thousands ringgit only.

Without a plan of the building, the construction cost can been estimated as much as RM8 million to RM10 million.

Local and state government had seen the house being built from the first floor to the fourth.
Zakaria and his family also hold three positions in the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).

Their appointment is based on the recommendations of the party, the MPK president told.

Is he guilty? How can that be?


Member of Parliament Jasin Mohammad Said wanted the custom officers to "close one eye" regarding his mistake in importing Logs.

He had admitted that he had done it. In fact, he had sent SMS to the custom officers requesting them to release him

Is he guilty? How can that be?


Have you all ever heard of the polar bears?

This is the way the Eskimos use to catch a polar bear.

They kill a sealion and take its blood. Then, they place a knife in the pail filled with the blood. Due to the low temperature, the blood will freeze quickly with the knife in the middle, creating something similar to ice-cream.

Polar bears like blood. When a polar bear sense smells catches the blood, it will come and lick the ice-cream.

As soon as the polar bear licks, its tongue will start to become numb. With every single lick, its tongue gradually turns more numb. However, that will not stop the polar bear. Not long after that, the blood becomes more and more appetizing, what more, it is hot. So delicious!

What the polar bear does not know is the blood it is tasting is its own.

That is because the hidden knife in the frozen blood had sliced its tongue during the licking. Due to the numbness of the tongue caused by low temperature, the polar bear does not realise that its tongue had been hurt and was oozing blood.

It continues to lick and consume its own blood.

Not long after that, the polar bear faints because of blood loss and Eskimo hunters will drag it to their home.

Is the polar bear guilty? How can that be?


We had seen people crying openly and said: "citizens must learn how to be independent and not rely on help."

In the beginning, probably you will be touched with such episode. First step for someone to move towards excellence is by realising his/her own mistake and the problems faced by himself/herself.

However, as time goes by, you will realise that the "walking sticks" can still be seen in various places. Some "walking sticks" have been too accustomed to their Masters until they can replace the real legs of their Masters. Meanwhile some sticks have become so automatic, they can bring their Masters to wherever their Masters desires quickly, even defeating the pace of wheelchairs. In fact, there are some "walking sticks" that gleam with diamonds while their bodies covered with gold and silver.

You will find yourself feeling curious, asking: Didn't they say that they want to be free of "walking sticks"?

Am I wrong/guilty? How about that?


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