Monday, November 13, 2006

Outstanding NST report: Mongolian Model Murder Case

Comment based on article from NST: Love Affair That Went Horribly Wrong


To quote from Screenshots: "Is this NST reporter, and the editor who cleared the copy, worms in the analyst's intestines?"


1)"They were in love but the woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu, wanted a lasting relationship. She wanted him to marry her. She wanted him to take on a second wife. "

- Wah, NST reporter, who told you this? Altantuya or Abdul Razak? Other related people?

2) "Faced with her insistence, he decided to end their affair last March.
And that was when the badgering began. He was flooded with text messages and e-mail."

- Goodness, who told you that? Did Abdul Razak Baginda tell you this? NST reporter, do you have special access to his e-mail account or something? Otherwise, how would you have known?

3) "Then, he changed his mobile phone number, Investigators believe that this led the Mongolian beauty to visit Malaysia "

- Wow, NST reporter knows the number change is related ?! FROM SOME ASSUMPTION or FROM SOME RESOURCES? How do you know that Abdul Razak Baginda change his number because of her? I mean, it could be of other reasons like he does not like the current telecommunications company, or he wants a more "auspicious" phone number.

4) "The alleged harassment from Ms Shaariibuu, however, continued. In one of her telephone calls, she masqueraded as his daughter's friend, claiming she had a parcel for him."

- Seeee, does the police investigation unit knows about this too? How does this NST reporter know? From what I gather disclosing evidence or making up stories regarding a person is punishable by Law the last I recall.

However, with very high confidence, (I am not sure why I am imbued with this strong unparalleled feeling :-D ), this NST reporter is abiding the Malaysian Law and will not do anything against it. After all, I am very sure NST is very professional, anyone disagree with me? No, right?


5) "He did not want them to know what was happening."

- Wooi shoh, NST reporter, seriously how do you know that? Did Abdul Razak or someone told you Abdul Razak's decision?



Another serious note, aren't those information CLASSIFIED INVESTIGATION INFORMATION? Classified means it cannot be exposed? Can legal action be taken by the court if this is found against the Law?

I am impressed... NST reporter, by the wealth of information provided.

How do you know so much? Who are you?

Anyone here knows?


Anonymous said...

It all came in his/her: (a) Dream (b) Email (c) Fax (d) Phone calls in the middle of the night (e) Top-secret, ultra-reliable source(s) (f) Flash of inspiration (g) Others

Anonymous said...

I feel higher authority is involved given the power of access to C4 army explosive. On the other hand, his wife keep on muttering the word 'cruel'. Will she be saying this word to his husband in public ? Or there is something beyond our knowledge and power to know the truth. I guess only God can unveil the truth.