Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bangsa Malaysia: One Nation or One Race?

Comments based on article in Malaysia Today:
M'sia's continued survival hinges on Malay Agenda
Article describes: "Rioting erupted because of the imbalance economy due to the divide and rule policy by the British before independence and led to formulation of the NEP in 1970. "

I hope that UMNO will take a mirror and reflect it upon themselves. The Eyes of Truth looks back at you. Aren't UMNO applying the "divide and rule" policy on us, the Malays and Chinese as well?

Article describes: "The constitution only mentions the Malay race and other races and does not say about the creation of one race called "Bangsa Malaysia"."

I HOPE THAT UMNO WILL STOP SPINNING THIS WORD. Do they know what they are REALLY talking about?

Bangsa Malaysia is NOT THE CREATION OF ONE RACE. It is the creation of the mentality of ONE NATION.

A Nation where races can integrate seamlessly (according to personal choice) without unnecessary hassle and the revoke of unfair standards that have, by now "divided" Malaysians and "ruled" by BN/UMNO.

I am talking about standards that is benefitting only UMNOputras while the rest of the poor Malays, Chinese and other races feeling marginalised. Hence, Bangsa Malaysia (One Nation, not One Race) is only but a fairy tale ...

Bear in mind that ONE NATION and ONE RACE concept differs. America is an example of ONE NATION with many races and religions living together (plural society) in a country with standard practises for all.

It is true that the Constitution did not state the creation of one race, but every race being citizens in a single country is binded in the "ONE NATION" concept automatically.

Every nation AUTOMATICALLY has its own "bangsa". In United Kingdom, there must be a "Bangsa British" while "Pelbagai keturunan/kaum" can be maintained. Likewise in Switzerland and elsewhere in the world. The difference in Britain is, there is no unfair standards to differentiate the race of its citizens. Hence, people will think of British first, then only their own race.

In Malaysia, The NEP was made by UMNO to be an unfair standard benefitting only UMNOPUTRAS while Malays are still poor. It began as a policy, but it has turned into a standard. A "double" standard which cannot be changed to really help the bumiputras.

It began with good intentions to help the MAJORITY (the bumiputras), but in return, with poor implementations, only the MINORITY (UMNOputras) benefitted. In fact, MALAYSIANS as a whole (that includes Malays, Chinese) are not getting anything good out of it, ONLY ROTTEN FRUIT AND BITTER FEELINGS.

Perhaps with so many negative connotations, such unfair standards must now decidedly be scrapped.

Yes, Malays must be brought up, but using other NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICIES or EXTRA QUALITY EDUCATION to bring them up. This should be the basis. Giving them "Unlimited Free Food" is not the way. In fact, they don't even get the food. UMNOputras and Ali Babas got it. Is this good and fair?

Without the concept of "Bangsa" mentality (Nation, not race) embedded in the mind of the citizens in relation to their country, the country is Weak on its foundation and will not be able to move to a better stage. The country without such concept will not be able to become a FIRST WORLD, FULLY DEVELOPED NATION. It is a first step that cannot be skipped.

So, ladies and gentlemen, is UMNO sincere in its intention of developing the nation? Perhaps, partially yes. Perhaps, it is somehow or rather a tiny little bit sincere, but its MEMBERS ARE TOO BACKWARDS IN MENTALITY that IT IS NOT CAPABLE of seeing the big picture and formulating plans around it.

Can we depend on such person to lead the nation towards prosperity? Is this their fault?
Maybe not, after all, we are the ones who voted them into power. Grow up, will you ...
Special Regards to "Task Force 101"

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Anonymous said...

I can't agree more with. Our leaders must start opening their eyes to the world. They can't live in their own world anymore. We certainly don't want May 13th to repeat.