Tuesday, October 31, 2006

UMNO MP and Illegal House on a Bad Feng Shui Plot

From The Star 31st October 2006:
"He was tight-lipped on the issue but said: “I’m not arrogant, and it is unfair for people to brand me that way.”

I told him that it could be the Gucci sunglasses that he was photographed with when he met Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on Saturday that could have portrayed him as being a hostile person. Zakaria said: “I wore the glasses on that day because an insect entered into my eye a day earlier and the eye was watering.”

I opened the subject of Vasthu and offered to give Zakaria my analysis on his problematic house, work on which has stopped.

I drew the flag-shaped plot where his new house was being built and pointed out the faults. One major affliction is the main entrance located in the south-east and facing a road spearing into his house, which is very inauspicious in Indian feng shui. I told him that he was already experiencing the effects of the defect and such an unfriendly plot would invite unwanted trouble and would defame the owner. He nodded his head in agreement and when I told him that his present east-facing house, although small, was better, he agreed.

The only way to correct the T-junction fault is to disallow traffic from using the road, as there is no other remedy. Zakaria appeared worried and scratched his head and offered me black coffee.

Kampung Idaman was an unheard of village two decades ago and since Zakaria rose in politics, his presence brought development, including a community hall and the construction of a welcome arch."

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/newsncom.php?itemid=413


First of all, I would like to highlight that developing a village/community is the JOB of an MP. They are paid salary by the Rakyat to do it. If the MP did not do their job, they should be fired.
Abuse of power and rights is Immoral in any country. Doing something against the Law is Prohibitted in the Constitution of any country. Prinsip Rukunegara: Kedaulatan Undang-undang.

Not only MP, but even the normal Rakyat should not do something which is Illegal.
If a person breaks the law (e.g. MP), He/She should not only be fired from his post. He/She if found guilty should be penalised (jailed, fined) according to provisions in Malaysian Law.


I am wondering what points "The Star" are trying to emphasize here?

1) The Islamic MP is experiencing Bad Luck because he did not build his "Illegal" House according to Indian Feng Shui? Is The Star trying to say, if the "Illegal House" is built according to Vasthu, it will not invite trouble because people will overlook or take it for granted?

2) The MP is not a hostile person?
a) even though he looks intimidating with the Gucci glasses?
b) even though he has a bunch of followers who behaved violently during the infamous gathering?
c) even though Klang people in general regards him as BONGKAK and rude?

What is The Star trying to do? Anyway, who is the LARGEST SHAREHOLDER of The Star to allow them to write such story? Weird isn't it?



Talak Sunat said...
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knytan said...

I couldn’t agree more. What is the point of them highlighting and over-emphasizing of the constructions of a community hall and a welcome arch. Honestly if that is the only thing that was ever worth mentioning about Kampung Idaman after TWO decades then I say that he doing a piss poor job of being an MP. Plus are they trying to imply that by making a few infrastructure changes and putting Kampung Idaman on the map that he deserve to be cut some slack? I don’t think so. This is not a small “bend” in the law we are talking about. Common people, think about it.

Sagaladoola said...

Who is the LARGEST SHAREHOLDER of The Star?

Have some pity for "The Star", the reason they send only a Vasthu guy to talk about Geomancy proves that this case is classic.

They cannot spin this story any bigger because.... He is Caught with his pants down, with black and white evidence, with physical evidence, with full support of the Rakyat, with support from the Sultan, with demonstrations from opposition... classic...

Someone used to say to me, "there is sure to be some small-time rot in any pertubuhan", but look here, how hard it is for us to fall just one small rot? How many levels of people we need to use, we even need one of the highest authority in the land, the Sultan to help!

Still, this guy is an MP... Not resigned, not brought to Law. Still this rot persists with support from certain UMNO members in Klang.

Can a common person like me deny the Sultan? Are we in power or by law to do that?

How hard it is to kill a SMALL-TIME ROT in UMNO! A problem of rot or a problem or organisational culture.. You tell me..