Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Culture of Malaysia: Rots and Scandals

In a Malaysia Today newspage, a person by the name "aa" said: "U dont expect everybody in UMNO to be clean. In any pertubuhan there is bound to be some suckers/cheats. So dont blame the whole UMNO just because there are a few rots inside it....the party should purge these rots and retain its relevance... "

This is my reply to "aa":

Well "aa", the problem is with the CULTURE. Look at the CULTURE that UMNO is purported to be practising?

There are SCANDALS about Politik Wang, Politik Ugut, Abuse of Power, Abuse of Bumiputra Rights, Disrespect of Human Rights, Cronyism, Nepotism, Freedom of Press Suppression, Misuse of ISA to Silence People, Bribery, Racism, Religious Discriminations, Ali Baba, Incompetence, Defying Law and Order, Unfair Court and Election System, Misuse of Islam, Disrespect towards Sultan .. the Cultural list goes on...

We all know culture runs for generations. Culture is taught and handed down to the next generation using various means. We all know, culture gets richer and thicker as time goes by. The older the culture, the more ingrained it is.

If the culture is of good nature, then it should be encouraged. If the CULTURE IS BAD, we should not let it ingrain into A MASSIVE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CRUSH SYSTEM, don't you think?

Everyday there is negative news regarding BN members and you still think there are JUST ONLY A FEW ROTS? It is hard enough to persecute a Small-time So-called Rot in UMNO (look at the most current scandal), what can we do with the Big Rots? Even now, the System is already quite tough. Its workings simple but stealthy.

What kind of cultural values are they going to pass down to their/our next generation, their/our children? What will these people teach them? Will this bring about A DOOM TO THE MALAY RACE having such ROTTEN LEADERS? Where will this bring the non-bumis, may I ask? Do you think the non-bumis WANT TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY TO ITS DEATH? Do you think everyone can or wants to leave Malaysia?

Let me tell you... NO, As Malaysians, we all stay and FIGHT TILL THE END!


Plant a new one. May suffer a while, but better than preserving a poisonous tree that is leading us to ETERNAL DOOM.

MALAYSIANS WAKE UP. See you next election !!!

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