Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do you believe in God?

Comments based on a discussion in Malaysia Today.

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/reports.php?itemid=110

I do believe there is God.

I believe it connects with us through our sixth sense if we are willing to listen.

I believe it connects with us by method of sixth sense whether something is right or wrong, good or bad. but sub-consciously. It may seem illogical at times, sometimes not easily explainable by Science but you would understand the concept when you are able to link.

I believe, No matter what religion you are, it it is a personal communication that can be understood through derivation, through personal means.

Prayers and praisings are to open the mind, open the sixth sense, open the soul to establish the personal connection/communication with God.

He can help us when we are sick, soothe us when we are sad.

This is my understanding of GOD, the Almighty. I, personally believe, it is the Concept. You may disagree with me, but reflect upon the God of your religion, isn't that what all of you are practising?


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knytan said...

I believe in the existence of entities but still skeptical about the existence of a one GOD. Personally I think that GOD was created when humans evolved mentally to stage where they start to seek the prefect image of their own “self”. So GOD was molded according to their quest for individuation that transcend the boundaries of ego-self and conscience.

Religion comes at a time when humans try to look for answers to questions they cannot answer, as to why and how things are what they are. Then it slowly evolved from the early shamanism to paganism and organized religion. It is good that human consciences are put into constant check with the very doctrines of religious teaching. However when put into devious use it can be devastating on the fragile structure of human society.