Monday, October 30, 2006


Comments based on article in Malaysia Today:
The “Ugly Malays” becoming the norm


There are non-Malays that
1) support Ali Baba-ism, "Makan Suap",
2) support corrupted ways of getting licences and projects by trading in their community rights,
3) challenges the special position of bumiputras and Sultans,
4) have ideas of making lots of money by all selfish means and leave for other countries, letting Malaysia rot to its own doom (such irresponsible unpatriotic act, good riddance),
5) think that a USA direct control of Malaysian economy is good for them,
6) curses, disrespects and steps on Malays, their culture and religion,
7) have idiotic notions of voting only for their own race in elections can save the nation and community.

Let me assure you, these "Ugly Non-Malays" with the above criterias are not representative of the entire non-bumiputra race. They are also somehow partially responsible for the mess in Malaysia today.

After all, for "makan suap" to work, require 2 parties. The person who "makan" and the other who "suap". They condemn others of nepotism, but some of them practise it as well. Of course, there are those who "makan" alone, but this category includes all Malaysians.

Such "Ugly non-Malays" are also fast becoming a norm in Malaysia. Self-centred and egoist, they do not view things in big picture but think only of themselves and their race, disregard who they are going to leave behind in the development of the country. They do not care if Malaysia will be downtrodden and people of their own race that is still in Malaysia will suffer because of their own attitude.

However, the non-Malays also have their own fair share of the hard-working, progressive and dynamic, the tolerant and respectful, the honest and concerned. Disregarding the fact that some "Ugly Malays" may treat them like foreigners, they persist and fight for the nation. They love Malaysia as their own, and they know, they must work together with the "Progressive Malays" to weed out these "Ugly Malays".

They know, with the Culture of "Ugliness" permeating in Malaysia, the Malay race will stay at its status quo of being trampled upon and they themselves will forever be treated as foreigners.
Therefore, Mr Bakri Musa, it is good to acknowledge weaknesses and do the best in seeking of ways to improve one's race. It is our duty as a Malaysian to educate and campaign for the best interest of the Nation.

Thank you Mr Bakri Musa, together with the Sultan, the Progressive Malays and fair-minded Non-Malays AND ALL CONCERNED CITIZENS, it is our responsibility to clean up this ROTTEN MESS...

I feel it is in the best interest of the Nation to change a government if it is incompetent and saddled with continual scandals of promoting an "Ugly" culture.

We shall not let any PARTY which encourages "Ugliness/Rottenness" in moral values to destroy our beautiful Malaysian culture of respect and deep sense of togetherness. Only with such culture, Malaysia will be able to grow from a country of nothing to a prosperous, significant and developed nation.

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Anonymous said...

All of what you mentioned is correct but this is caused by the way the country is being managed. Our system does nothing but breeds extremism. In this case how can we actually blame them for adapting to the system.