Monday, September 29, 2008

Peaceful Anti-ISA Vigil-Turned-March

The Star reports Almost 2,000 in anti-ISA gathering . The peaceful gathering was on 27 September 2008

Malaysiakini reports Anti-ISA vigil turns into peace march by Andrew Ong and Rahmah Ghazali on Sep 27, 08 8:08pm
updated 11.15pm : A candlelight vigil turned into a 1km march through downtown Kuala Lumpur, which strangely went undisturbed by the police. [VIDEOS INSIDE]
-> Police presence surprisingly light
-> Crowd dispersed at about 9pm

Malaysiakini also, generously offers some videos :
1) Anti-ISA vigil turns into peace march
2) Incident-free Hindraf Vigil
3) Anti-ISA lantern walk attracts youth

Meanwhile, Haris Ibrahim posted Peaceful birthday, dear Pete. We love you.

"Pete" refers to Raja Petra Kamarudin, who is one of the person arrested using the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA). The walk is primarily an anti-ISA march, with concentration on detained Hindraf leaders and Raja Petra (RPK).

The numbers who turned up is large. It seems that many Malaysians are unhappy with the usage of ISA.

Some participants sang "Happy Birthday to RPK" for his 58th.

Pictures and clips from the Peaceful Vigil-turned-Peaceful March to be posted at in next blog entry. (by this blogger : Sagaladoola, stay tuned...)

In the meantime, Susan Loone posted an entry titled Please join this protest for RPK, HINDRAF & other ISA detainees . It seems she has a proposal for netizens to voice out their concern on this matter.


Anonymous said...

That's all? For only a day and An Hour?! Come on! Police presence is light and may be the only opportunity that day. Invite some international journalist to highlight our plight. I don't see anything coming out of this. Bodohwi still sleeping peacefully. I bet my bottom dollar that this whole issue will die out soon.

Sharp.Shooter said...


Sila tandatangan surat protes untuk mendesak kerajaan agar segera membebaskan Raja Petra Kamaruddin dan semua tahanan ISA lainnya.

Sila KLIK DI SINI untuk menandatangani surat tersebut.