Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Teresa Kok-initiated Suit, Alhabshee's Statements, Rocky's Bru Opinions and Utusan

According to Malaysiakini and The Star online, Teresa Kok, who was detained using ISA is planning to sue Utusan and a certain political figure.

Rocky's Bru posted the entry In defence of Utusan Malaysia . Certain people even applauded UMNO Cheras Syed Ali Alhabshee's initiative to aid Utusan. I remain skeptical over Rocky's Bru and Syed Ali's intentions after reading the entry What Is Press Freedom To You? in the blog "Malaysia Says the Darndest Things".

As for my opinion : Revocation of the suit should only be done if Utusan publishes a formal public apology on its front page.

On the previous statements, I'd say Utusan should only offer a public apology if they are reporting a fake news.

I am not optimistic.

Why Teresa should sue? I think Malaysians know who control the media, and it is certainly not DAP, PAS or PKR. So, if there is any truth that the media is controlled and instructed to write something biased (inconclusive assumption) against the enemies of the controller and this may be very disadvantageous in a lopsided "war" against DAP, PAS, PKR and we all know how widespread traditional media is.

Why we can't equate mainstream media with bloggers?
1) Majority bloggers are not controlled by a single party or entity.

2) Blogs are not as widespread as traditional media. Traditional media can thrive in suburban or village areas whereas the penetration of blogs in this area may be exceedingly low.

3) Blogs allow politicians to explain themselves over the net. Does traditional media allow that (in their papers) if they are controlled or instructed?

The subjects above only apply if the traditional media is controlled and instructed by a single party with political propaganda in mind.

However, if the media is not controlled and free to write and allow Teresa to explain herself to dismiss any form of biased propaganda, then only the suit should be revoked.

No double standards.

P.S. On another subject which may or may not be related : Maybe one day, there should be a form of categorisation to differentiate between news (as in whole truth) and propaganda papers (half truth, twisted truth and lies).

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Anonymous said...

One thing to note about allowing politicians to explain themselves: Utusan went to town with that article, when they probably didn't check with Teresa Kok first to get her comments.

Is that what is taught in journalism schools?