Wednesday, September 10, 2008

As September 16 Grows Near, COINCIDENCE occurences increase

September 16 is very near. Just one week away from the Big Day. Malaysia will probably witness its most significant event in 51 years, the change of government. As the date draws near, many strange incidents begin to unfold.

Study Trip ( Lawatan Sambil Belajar )
Barisan Nasional (BN) suddenly sends its own Members of Parliament for a study trip, "Lawatan Sambil Belajar" to Taiwan. The congregation is not exactly small, as it was reported in the papers, 50 of them. BN has a total number of 140 members in the Parliament, 50 would account for slightly more than one-third (1/3) of BN MPs.

Now, wouldn't that be a big waste of taxpayers money? BN was smart enough to reply the trip is "self-funded". Hearing that, I am still unhappy. Now, why would it be the case since it is not stated as taxpayers money? Perhaps, I am confused with the term "self-funded". Maybe, I am curious as to where the "self-funded" money would come from if it is not from the taxpayers fund. Perhaps, the money of the individual or party. Now, where did the money of the party come from?

The cost aspect would be the least of the concerns. Reporters were smart enough to question the timing of the massive study trip tour. Was it because of potential party hoppers to Pakatan come September 16? "No, no and no" was the answer.

It is just a COINCIDENCE.

What can I say?

DNA Bill
Not to mention there is a DNA Bill being tabled. Some people regarded the way it is being tabled as quite rushed. Suddenly, the MPs are concerned about solving crime using DNA. I am sure it is not about Anwar although there is a Sodomy charge against him ten years after a different charge back then in 1998. Yes, I am working very hard to convince myself.

Maybe, it is just a COINCIDENCE again.

What can I say?

Ahmad Ismail and "Squatters"
Finally, there is this "classic hero" who purportedly said Chinese are "squatters" during the Permatang Pauh by-election. Perhaps, with other attached statements, I am starting to entertain the idea that this is his way of getting support from the non-Malays for his party candidate. How ironic.

Ahmad is not willing to back off from his statement. Najib apologised and said UMNO is not involved in the matter and it was made of personal capacity. Abdullah keeps on asking Ahmad Ismail to explain the issue although the party has yet to decide to take any harsh action on that person.

Suddenly, the Armed Forces chief said "Racial issues can create chaos" and made some suggestions. It is not common for the Armed Forces Chief to utter such public statements on civilian issues.

Perhaps it is by COINCIDENCE that he wanted to say something on this. Oh, what can I say?

Gerakan, MCA and "Squatters"
Gerakan, which is a Barisan Nasional component party, has become quite vocal on this "squatters" statement. Readers and Malaysians should consider this : Did anyone compare Koh Tsu Koon's reaction on the Hishamuddin keris waving issue pre-12th General Election (pre-PRU12) and the "squatters" statement issue post-12th General Election (post PRU-12)?

Which reaction is bigger? The former or the latter? In my opinion it is the latter. It should be noted that Koh is a Member of Parliament pre-PRU 12 and no longer one post-PRU 12.

Wanita Gerakan issued a statement urging the sacking of Ahmad Ismail. There are recommendations to use the Internal Security Act (ISA). Malaysiakini and The Star has the story.

Malaysians should be reminded that Internal Security Act is a draconian act. Suspects can be imprisoned indefinitely. It is mind-boggling that Wanita Gerakan would make such a proposal. As a Malaysian, I will not support Wanita Gerakan's call to impose ISA although I disagree with Ahmad's words. Why did Gerakan propose the draconian ISA?

As Mind-boggling as it is, perhaps, it is by COINCIDENCE again that somehow they get that idea.

I doubt Gerakan Penang breaking out of Barisan Nasional will have any significant impact on Barisan Nasional. If we are viewing from the Federal Government perspective (after all, September 16 is all about that), the impact is even lesser. Gerakan is completely "wiped out" in Penang during PRU-12. It's other Federal MPs come from other states, therefore severing ties from the Penang state level is not entirely fruitful to wake UMNO up.

Furthermore, since Gerakan Penang has no significant number of MPs, it has nothing much to lose. Is it by COINCIDENCE that this move will probably restore some lost credibility on Gerakan Penang among Penangites? If Gerakan is sincere in making its points known, perhaps it should consider to entirely move out of Barisan Nasional from all areas. After all, severed ties in any state can be easily mended.

As for the party called MCA, which has the representative term "chinese" affixed in the middle of its name, its response to this issue is quite unconvincing. Gathering signatures, press conferences and issuing "warnings of severing ties with Bukit Bendera UMNO" are totally ineffective to improve the party's image, which may be perceived in my opinion, as lack of courage.

Comparatively, although as an overall both are not effectively convincing, the least of all, Gerakan Penang took the drastic move. Gerakan executed from the state level whereas MCA only warns of cutting ties with a tiny constituent, Bukit Bendera. Deeds are better than words and indeed, Gerakan Penang performed as spoken.

September 16 is very near and it seems that COINCIDENCES are abundant. I did not believe Anwar when he initially uttered the potential of getting a new government by September 16. My skepticism prevailed until recently. I mean, with so many COINCIDENCES happening, it must really mean something, right?

Could those be the signs?

Note: If the words "Warganegara Malaysia"appear on your authentic National Registration Identification Card and you are born in Malaysia, then that shows that you are a "Malaysian citizen" and not a "Malaysian squatter / immigrant".

I would like to call for all Malaysians : Malays, Chinese, Indians etc. to respect and refrain from using sensitive labels on each other although we may dislike what others have said.


Garend said...

That a good one, I would agree to a certain extend abt this one, that it could be just an "ACT" by the BN to give themself some creditability and also trying to prevent PRK to take over.

Please also remember there are a few more COINCIDENCE:

1) Anwar court case to be mentioned TODAY (10th September 2008). Don't you agree that it is too near to the 16th September.

2) Dr.M's sudden mulling to return to UMNO. Despite breaking his own oath that he will not return to UMNO until there is a change in Leadership. (How untrustworthy)

3) The Toyol's sudden call for change of Leadership, and constant reminder of the May 13 scenario.

4) RPK's ISA threats.

5) PRK's Mr. Zul's outburst on the Bar Forum.

6) Sudden ACA awakening to catch a lot of small fish.. even within UMNO. (A threat to the internal ppl?)

You tell me.. then. These are truly interesting times.

Anonymous said...

19 september already. now i didnt see anything happened back in september 16?? where got the new government??