Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Minister says people support use of ISA ?

(Picture from Mob's Crib : ISA: Crime Against Humanity)

That is an article that I chanced upon in Malaysia Today : in their News and Commentaries section.

Goodness gracious, father in heaven.

A random search throughout Blogsearch : Hindraf+ISA revealed that almost all bloggers condemn the usage of the draconian act. We all know these bloggers are mostly Malaysian people. Reading Google search : Hindraf+ISA will produce identical results of disapproval from the public.

I have a substantial number of Malay friends, in and out of the net who said they may not fully agree with Hindraf's actions but ISA is beyond them. They cannot tolerate the invocation of an act with detention without trial on suspects.

When one is faced with issues and dissent, one should not keep Digging in the Heels of an uncomfortable Shoe. If there are people who thought the imprisonment would make the public more restful, it would be wrong. It will possibly garner more sympathy for the Hindraf cause. What is being done, in my opinion is removing the symptom without curing the root of the issue which is to address the dissatisfaction of the rally participants. If there is indeed hoodwink, I would say, in this era of Information Age and education, it is almost impossible to confuse thousands of people to march for a false cause. There must be some reality to some points in what is being mentioned and the government should do the right thing in looking into it.

Think about it.

Besides, that would make these names famous worldwide. ISA places attention to people who got it. Now, it is easier for them and those who suppor them to further their cause. Currently Malaysiakini reports "Charge them in court: Indian groups tell PM at special meet"

HINDRAF 5: R Kengadharan, P Uthayakumar, K Vasantha Kumar, V Ganabatirau and M Manoharan


Anonymous said...

Actually when the ministers says that rakyat wants them (the 5 leaders) to be detained under ISA long ago, i think they are being discussing the matter with their wifes, kids, and people whom they get along with, not the people whom has vote for them and wants these leaders to represents them in the parliment. So they are just act as what they are think, not what the grassroots actually think and wants these people to do. Otherwise how these people (the ministers) know what the grassroots are thinking. So ministers do not guess what will be in the rakyat's mind instead go and get actual information form them not from the leaders (branch chairman, youth leaders, treasurer, secretary & ect). Go to the actual grassroots. And DON'T 'buy' them. Be practical. THE INFORMATION GIVEN TO PUBLIC IS NOT CORRECT. DON'T MISLEAD US.

galadriel said...

isa is a licence to do things Ikut Suka Aku.


gladforisa said...

hidup ISA.. get those bastards hindraf keling... fedup .. so what?
ISA or anything I just dont want to see those ugly bastards keling on the streets.. comprendre.. get them out of my sight...!

Pukimak lah u keling... menyusahkan saje..