Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is there any Operasi Lalang ?

Abdullah is Strong and Powerful? Yes. Nice? No. I am scared, living in an atmosphere of fear again. Don't believe me, read this:

The Star:
Police said they have detained all five leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) under Section 8 (1) of the Internal Security Act.

The five are P. Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan, R. Kenghadharan, V. Ganabatirau and Vasantha Kumar. They were picked up at various locations in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Seremban.

They will be detained for two years.

Meanwhile, ironically, I could not access Malaysiakini for news. had expressed disgust over the usage of a draconian and inhumane act against those people. After all, if you can prove them wrong, why not do it in court? Let the public see what is happening. Let the citizens of Malaysia see the evidences reveal. Why is it necessary to imprison someone for two years before a judgement from a trial in the court?

Mr. Nice Guy? Well, you can now see how nice he is now. I must admit that I am wrong about him. He is not a weak man.

I feel sorry for the Indians and Hindraf. Indeed, a sad day for Malaysia "human rights". Arrests abundant and ISA usage during these few days before and after the International Human Rights Day. The public is no longer safe. As for the part on freedom, Malaysians will know how to judge on the current events.


nat said...

thanks boss..

i don't think he is strong at all though. a strong PM does not need unjust laws to defend his crumbling legitimacy.

anyone who uses the ISA is weak. weak and cowardly.

20 Cent said...

Indeed, Sagaladoola. Our 'beloved' Premier has shown his stripes these past few months, and has taken that last step to complete the transformation.

I have been to many a blogsite today, and it seems that everyone is reeling, some in astonishment, some in anger, some shocked.

How can something so simple - basic rights - be such a huge matter of contention? Why is it deemed so bad that they feel justified to try and whip us into submission?

I never saw the ruling coalition as 'evil', for a lack of a better word. To me, yes, they were self serving, but any government is.

But they have gone too far these past months. The ruling coalition now sees it fit to perpetuate its reign with acts of terror against its own people, the very people who put them there in the first place.

There is so much I could say, but I won't. God knows if they'll repeat their sadism on bloggers like they did with Nat and others.

Oh, we almost met last Tuesday at the Chinese Assembly hall. I was signing my name when I saw yours.

Keep the faith, Sagaladoola.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bodohlah Bodohwi is very desperate now , the Indians are abandoning MIC/BN .

Anonymous said...

Well if the Attorney-General mentioned that Hindraff is a terrorist organization, then we should strongly urge that the gov't ISA all the participants (whether there are 4000, or 20,000 indians) in the recent Hindraf demo.

Sagaladoola said...

Oh, well Anon 14/12/2007 12:10:00 AM ....

If Hindraf is really a terrorist organisation, they should produce those people and evidence in court WITH TRIAL. Detention without Trial is inhumane. We don't even know what evidence the government is holding. Whether the evidence is valid or not.

So, a question lingers, let's use this unreal scenario:

If one day someone label PAS, DAP, PKR or UMNO linked up with let's say for example Al-Qaeda, can we just simply catch of all them and say they are guilty without trial?

Can I come to your house and say you are linked with communists and catch your entire family, put into two years jail without trial?

You will be left wondering what makes them think you are.

Goodness gracious.... isn't that tyrant?

Pak Lah, now we are convinced you are powerful.

Anonymous said...

This fairy story was in the Malay Mail:

This was the response of Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Ismail Omar to a suggestion by former Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) chairman, Tun Musa Hitam, that the authorities ought to consider allowing peaceful demonstrations.

“We have to look at the present situation, and right now, given the action and demands of groups like Hindraf, it’s not conducive for us to allow demonstrations, ” Ismail told Weekend Mail.

He said police could not allow demonstrations due to concerns of public safety.

“The public is already scared and alarmed by what’s happening, and that’s why we cannot allow such things.” Musa, when contacted by Weekend Mail, stressed that whatever the context, those involved have to abide by the pro- cedures and first of all obtain a permit to hold a demonstration.UNQUOTE

What a load of rubbish, propaganda, circumlocution, misinformation, and hogwash.

MemeGene said...

Suhakam - Maintaining the Line from chemgen.wordpress