Friday, August 07, 2009

Why Do Malaysians Demonstrate and March ?

Yeo Yang Poh wrote two great articles that reflects what goes on my mind. It is written in the aftermath of the 2009 Anti-ISA March. It was originally said to be Anti and Pro-ISA March but since I do not see any Pro-ISA marchers significantly in any pictures, I will conclude this as an Anti-ISA march instead.

English : Why do Malaysians march?

Bahasa Melayu : Mengapa berdemonstrasi?

Well, put it this way : No one likes to march amidst tear gas, water cannons, Black Marias, under the hot sun with huge amounts of police running around for the sake of fun.

Compared to BERSIH walk or the previous year Anti-ISA march, the presence of police and aggression are heavier this time around. There are more warnings through mainstream media and a higher potential of confrontation with people on the other side of the coin (Pro-ISA).

If Malaysians are willing to risk all that to participate in a march, it becomes an indicator that a certain part of the population are very dissatisfied and they want to make their mind known and find no better way to express.

Malaysians should be given freedom to assemble as provided as a constitutional right in Open Air places (not just stadiums) such as Dataran Merdeka. It should be part of the aim of 1Malaysia that ensure such right is not violated.

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