Monday, August 03, 2009

Bernama News on Losses Due to Anti-ISA Protests

Bernama reported : Estimated Losses Of RM100-200 Million Due To Illegal Demo: Raja Nong Chik

1) Can we see the breakdown of the losses in full , albeit OFFICIALLY ?

2) Did all the costs come from Unnecessary Road Blocks, Arrests, Usage of FRU water cannon trucks, Black Marias and Tear Gas?

3) Wouldn't the cost be unnoticeably low if the demonstration is declared legal and allowed to centralise at the front of Istana Negara or Dataran Merdeka? Wouldn't the cost be largely reduced if the items from (2) are not used and the protesters allowed to gather peacefully at Istana Negara or Dataran Merdeka?

4) Why is the demonstration declared illegal? Why is it not allowed? I thought Freedom to assemble is part of the constitutional right of Malaysians?

5) Gerakan Mansuh ISA organised the event. "Mansuh ISA" means "Repeal/Abolish ISA". It does not mean "Review ISA".

6) "Politicised" is a strange word to use considering the fact that only political parties like BN is primarily the chief in deciding on the abolition of ISA.

Malaysiakini pics on the Anti-ISA protests are here.

The Edge Malaysia pics : Scenes of the anti- and pro-ISA rallies in KL

Pictures from . She went there as a neutral person but managed to catch all these :

Am I not wrong to say that the number of Pro-ISA contestants are almost non-existent? I guess there are no ISA supporters.


husz said...

Oh my god, that last picture with the makcik holding up the mansuh ISA poster is PRICELESS!!!

Anonymous said...

I salute this makcik, my heart goes to all these people who stand united.