Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jerome Armstrong "The Blogfather" Met Pak Lah ?

My blog : Sagaladoola, Amir Muhammad, Jeff Ooi and Azly Rahman are noted in Jerome Armstrong's MyDD (Direct Democracy) homepage.

In his post Inside Malaysia with politics , he mentioned about some interviews, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (Chairman of the Cordoba Initiative), and John Burton, whom is a journalist with the Financial Times, on three different topics:

1) the state of politics in Malaysia today;
2) the conference Jerome is observing on 'bridging the gap' between the Muslim world and the West;
3) and the role that the internet is playing in creating political change in the region.

He was (probably still is) in Malaysia. According to wikipedia, Jerome Armstrong (44) is an American political strategist aligned with the Democratic Party. In 2001, he founded MyDD, a blog which covers politics with an openly Democratic partisan perspective, making him one of the first political bloggers. Armstrong coined the term netroots, is sometimes called "The Blogfather" for having mentored many other famous bloggers such as Markos Moulitsas in their early years. He is credited as one of the architects of Howard Dean's '04 grassroots Presidential campaign and one of the leading web strategists in the world.

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If anyone were to ask me who my Blogfathers are ... I would say Raja Petra Kamarudin, M.G.G. Pillai, Jeff Ooi and Ahirudin Attan. My Blogmothers? Maybe... Marina Mahathir and Nuraina A. Samad ...

Most important of all, please read Jerome Armstrong's Inside Malaysia with politics

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