Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Grand Saga of Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Reading the Bandar Mahkota Cheras "Barricade" Fracas articles and viewing accompanying pictures of physically-assaulted citizens make me feel compelled to mention something about it.

Seeing headlines like BMC fracas: Police beat up youth ( Malaysiakini ) makes me feel really bad. There is another more shocking news in Night of violence at the Cheras barricade . Accordingly, there is a group of 15 unidentified men (meaning, not the police) who assaulted demonstrators. Now, when we thought that is the end of all these, Grand Saga, the company behind the construction of the multiple times reconstructed barricade, announced that it is not behind the violence propagated by the 15 men, in fact condeming the attacks. I am definitely shocked by this announcement as well. If Grand Saga, the constructor of the barricade is not behind the violence, then there is one important question going through my mind : Who are these 15 men working for or rather what is their personal motive , that they feel the need to assault demonstrators against the barricade construction? Hahahaha... well, it is not really that hard to answer, isn't it? Goodness gracious.

Other than that, the second thing which causes a great dismay to me is the lack of understanding on which government is supposed to shoulder the responsibility of this issue. Federal (Barisan majority) or State (Pakatan majority) ? Otherwise is that a combination of both? Is this within the jurisdiction of the Works Minister (from BN)? I believe that is no longer Samy Vellu. It is all vague to me.

From what I am able to decipher, it is a legal matter between companies but can any responsible persons from the above do something fruitful to help ease the matter as soon as possible. 2006 to 2008 is 2 years. Wondering how many more years would that take.

Perhaps due to these uncertain conditions, desperate people of Cheras took one step further in dismantling the barricade. Imagine, in this time of rising fuel costs, these people having to travel additional kilometers (I have heard it is a 6) instead of 1 km without the blockade.

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ckchew said...

the best altenative solution right now is for the selangor state government to look for a state land & build another access road that run parallel with the highway. it will help reduce the tension & also at least it will make the state government look more decisive than what we see today.

tommy said...

AAB pls stop using d helpless BMC rakyat as 'pawns' for ur political 'chess' game with PR;
1)to show d voters that other than BN no one can solve problems???
2)tell me;without d 'power'behind would Grand SUCKERS!!oops Saga be so bold as to barricade n trespass on state land ????????
3)why aren't PDM(polis dim'sia,cos i think it's a disgrace to the raja)using d water cannon n tear gas on GS workers building illegal barricade on state land ?????????

FRU said...

I feel sad to see FRU beat a innocent citizen

Anonymous said...

PKR seems to have done a great job in creating a synergistic working relationship between DAP and PAS. However, I am not sure whether they have the guts to take on the challenge when it matters.
However, DAP seems to be able to keep their integrity intact and is leading by example in their leadership.
Why I said so?
Well, take BMC case as an example. The current Selangor MB was never in the rakyat presence until blood was spilled recently and when he knows the government will ask Grand Saga to remove the block, we see suddenly he starts appearing in the news. It is a typical case of stealing other people credit. What a low class! We do not need someone like that.
If you take DAP MP who stood by BMC people, he went thru the beating with the rakyat. Now, I have more respect for people who dares to walk the talk. Until Selangor MB have gone thru that he is useless!

Why said...

I agree with ckchew.

Build another access road that run parallel with the highway.

Alternatively build a slip road for BMC to link Suntex. It should solve the 6 kilometre toll issue.

Syabas Pakatan Rakyat.

jordi said...

the federal government is absolutely useless. there is no action on the the federal government. they just sat on their sorry arses and wait out the problem, as the people and grand saga clashed it out.

let;s not talk about action, not even a mention in the parliament. do they have to wait for these issues to be brought up by the state government before any action is taken?!!!!

Anonymous said...

The DAP stood its ground and was behind the residents from the beginning.....that the whole world saw....toll gates in this country are hopelessly a hyped up crony driven deal that ultimately the rakyat are suckers for....Grand Saga will pay heavily for its for the DAP.....these guys will go far....for they stand up for their principles and take the beating too including going to jail and rotting in Kamunting....with the infomation highway.....their day to power may come sooner rather the later.......

Anonymous said...

I saw the video of the 21-yearold's ordeal. If it were me in the car, I would've freaked out.

It was barbaric what the FRU did to them. Even if he had indeed knocked one of them, they only had the right to arrest him & take him into custody. Not terrorise him & his mates. And certainly not beat him up.

Filthy barbarians! They'll burn in hell

Anonymous said...