Friday, August 08, 2008

Free Arrested Blogger Penarik Beca @ Bakaq !

Blogger Penarik Beca @ Bakaq, who writes on and administers had been arrested yesterday.

As for the exact reasons of the arrest, nothing concrete has been made known to me. It is indeed sad to know the unfortunate has caught on one of the core bloggers who started off his blogs pre-12th General Election.

In the meantime, bloggers from the same generation had assembled amidst heavy rain to lend support to Bakaq. Mahaguru58 wrote the entry Bakaq's Arrest - Bloggers Gathering at Bukit Perdana with supplementary pictures.

Bakaq's latest contribution to the Malaysian socio-political scene is the speculative disclosure of secrets in the recent UMNO-PAS discussions.

My personal encounter with Bakaq is limited to the websphere. From the exchanges of conversation with him, I can say he is a polite, patriotic person dedicated to serving the nation that prompted him into blogging.

Such situation reminds me of other bloggers' arrest such as Nat Tan and Raja Petra. Rocky's Bru wrote Another blogger detained in Malaysia.

As a blogger from the same generation, I am saddened by this episode and would like to call for all bloggers to support the call for his release.

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